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Problems users might run into with the JBL Flip. ¶ 

Flip won't charge or battery dies quickly ¶ 

The Flip cannot hold a charge or does not satisfy the battery life that is advertised. Battery will need to be replaced. Visit the guide to fix battery issues here.

Flip's speakers has audio problems ¶ 

The speakers do not produce any sound at all or the sound is very muffled you will have to replace the speakers. For speaker replacement click here

Buttons do not work easily ¶ 

If the buttons do not respond you can slightly take apart the Flip to fix button issues. More than likely the sensors are not screwed on tightly enough.

Bluetooth does not work ¶ 

Your Flip may not have a newer upgraded antenna; this can be fixed by introducing a new antenna. To upgrade the quality of your antenna visit the Bluetooth antenna replacement guide here.

Getting into the Flip ¶ 

Most problems that occur will require disassembling the Flip. For instructions on how to disassemble the device see the following guide Back panel disassembly.


I have the JBL flip 2 portable Bluetooth speaker and the light on it which says its on won't turn off when I touch the botton to turn it off and I'm not sure if it's actually turning off or not and when I plug it into charge the lights don't show that it is charging also it isn't connecting to my phone or any device any ideas what is wrong with it?

Caitlin Adams - Reply

Tengo un JBL Flip altavoz portátil Bluetooth y me conecta perfectamente a cualquier dispositivo pero al reproducir el audio esta cortado o pausado con Bluetooth y Auxiliar.

DjMarvin Productions - Reply

I have a charged flip 2 when I push the power button the phone light lights up but when I release the power button the speaker isn't on and won't power up. When I plugged it into the wall the phone lights up but still no power to the speaker tried using my aux wile it was plugged in and still nothing

Chris - Reply

I have the exact problem. Do you think we just got bacd speakers?

Soorya Townley -

How can i turn the bluetooth off?

for example I connect the speaker to the PC with AUX connection, but still the bluetooth light keeps flashing as if it searches for a device.

Is it possible to turn the bluetooth off on the speaker so it will work only with AUX and stop looking for a bluetooth connection?


alex - Reply

When it is fully charged and I set it aside and not use it, it will go dead in less than 2 days. Light is red when charged and blue when is on..I make sure light is off and it still dies

James Bearden lll - Reply

My flip 2 when I plug it in to charge with the unit off, the speaker comes on and dies not chrge. the charging port feels loose. Can it be replaced?

Jim - Reply

I have the same problem!

Felipe Ambrosio -

The battery is charged and when you want to turn on the power button nothing happens! how to fix it?

As - Reply

I have a JBL flip 3 and it wont turn on. I plugged it in and the charge indicator lights come on but the speaker itself will not. Last night it would turn off an on by itself and connect to my phone, but now it wont even come on at all. What do I do????

Ainslea Andrade - Reply

I have the JBL Flip 3 and I am trying to listen to music but it keeps on having short pauses and playing again. Can anyone help?

The Unknown Gamer - Reply

I also wanna know the answer for this question!

Vitor Silva -

Me too. MBP streaming Chrome (YouTube) or Itunes sounds like a weak FM station...

smcgreg -

I have a JBL Flip 2 last. Night The battery indicator was charging the 5th bar so the next morning it was still charging the 5th bar so I don't know I to make it full charge because on the box it says it takes about 3 hours to full charge but mine takes way over than 3 hours. So pls help

Phaswe Maloma - Reply

My JBL FLIP3 says numbers like 6 4 or 1 4 and doesn't switch off

rockswarmachine4 - Reply

I just did a software update on my jbl flip3 and it won't turn on now what do I do I've tried plugging it in again and it still doesn't work

Steven Shaw - Reply

Hi Steven, did you solve your problem yet?

Same thing happened to me this past weekend.

Please email me at



Fernando Rivero Hernandez -

Hi Steven, did you solve you problem? I am facing the same issue.

yashvardhan188 -

my jbl flip has suddenly stopped working. i charged it for 2 hours as i thought tht it had no charge but it did not work again. This situation had occured before with me but my speaker started working after some days but this time it is completely DEAD.

rhea mishra - Reply

Have you fixed it? Last night I charged my JBL Flip 3 with new cord then I woke up saw it’s not charging so I thought I’ll power it on to see the battery procentage but it wont even turn on ??? Any ideas?

Rokas -

My flip 3 won't off plz help me

Yogesh rawal - Reply

Alguien tiene el diagrama de los curcuitos?

Edgar peña - Reply

Hi my name is Marco and I have a JBL flip 3 and THE charge conector is seriously damage just want to know how how to conect another pin conector to charge

Marco - Reply

My flip 4, out of the box, would show the battery life via the 5 leds on the side near the power button. Now that doesn't seem to be the case. All 5 are either in or off at all times and I only see the life when I plug it in? I haven't damaged or dropped the speaker, any reason this would change?

Cody guzman - Reply

JBL Flip 4 won't charge or come on at all at times, sometimes it turns on and it's fine and other times it won't charge or do anything

Specimen Official - Reply

I have jbl speaker small lights keep blicking and won't go off even I press the power off button need help

Leah - Reply

I had my JBL flip 4 in the bag and as I removed it so I going off and all of a sudden started off backlit buttons and out of nowhere, and I don't want to. I put it on the charger...

Einsteinmoth - Reply

I had my JBL FLIP 4 the bag and as I removed it so I going off and all of a sudden started off backlit buttons and out of nowhere, and I don't want to. I put it on the charger...

Einsteinmoth - Reply

My flip 4 is doing random functions, it’s never done this before

RedbearPlayz “Playz” - Reply

Terrey. My Filp 3 volume buttons ceased working. can only adjust volume on the connected iPad

This happened once before but somehow corrected. Is this a Flip 3 fault or is it a setting on my iPad ?

Terrey Giles - Reply

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