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JBL Clip Plus Troubleshooting

The JBL Clip Plus (JBL Clip+) is a light and rugged portable speaker. Its item number is JBLCLIPPLUSBLK, and it was first made available May 26, 2015.

JBL Clip+ will not turn on ¶ 

When you press the power button, nothing happens. The sound does not turn on and there is no light or startup noise.

Battery is depleted ¶ 

If the battery is depleted, nothing will happen when you press the power button on the Clip Plus. Try charging the JBL Clip+ for a short amount of time and see if the problem is solved.

Charger is broken ¶ 

If the charger is broken, then the JBL Clip+ will not charge and will never have the power needed to startup. The hookup is a micro-usb which is a highly universal charging cable. See if you have another one to test and see if the charger is faulty. If the other charging cable works, a replacement charging cable for the JBL Clip+ should be ordered.

Battery is faulty ¶ 

If the battery is faulty, you will get not power. Let the Clip+ charge for an extended amount of time. After a while try turning the JBL Clip+ on with the charger still plugged in. If it turns on, take the charger out while it is on. If this results in the JBL Clip+ turning off immediately, then your battery is more than likely faulty. A battery replacement is required.

Power Button is faulty ¶ 

If steps one, two, or three do not solve the problem then it is possible that the power button itself is faulty. Testing to see if it is the power button requires taking the device apart. If it is the power button that is faulty, you will have to reorder another part and install a new button.

JBL Clip+ is not charging ¶ 

When the device is plugged into the charger, there is no indication of charging and the battery does not re-energize.

Dirty charging port ¶ 

If the JBL Clip+ is not charging, it is possible the charging port is dirty. First make sure nothing is plugged into the outlet. The JBL Clip+`s charging port is the micro-usb port, try to clean all connections.

Faulty charging cable ¶ 

The only way to charge JBL Clip+ is a charging cable. If there is visible damage to the charger cable it is likely that you will need a new one. See if the charging cable will work on another device since the cable is very universal. If the other device won’t charge as well, it is probably the charging cable that is faulty.

Charging port faulty ¶ 

If the first and the second steps do not help the charging issue, it is possible that the charging port is faulty. If the charging port on device is faulty a possible solution is to replace charging port on device.

JBL Clip+ audio is distorted ¶ 

This device works, but the sound is not good, sometimes the sound stops for a moment without notice.

Auxiliary port is dirty ¶ 

The auxiliary port is the port that allows you to make a wired connection to your music player. Dust and dirt may make its way into the port, causing a bad connection between the music player and the speaker. Try cleaning out the port with appropriate tools.

Bad connections to speaker ¶ 

If the sound does not sound clear, or the sound goes out occasionally, it is possible that the connections to the speakers might not be good. This would require you to disassemble the JBL Clip+ and look into this problem. It is possible that some wiring might have to be connected or fixed.

Faulty Speaker ¶ 

If the AUX port is clean, and the connections look fine, it is possible that the speaker itself is faulty and will need to be replaced. This requires you to order a replacement speaker and you will need to install the new one using a guide.


The light indicator just show at first for awhile and then disappeare. I cannot know whether my jbl clip charge fully or not. Please help me.

darorous0167 - Reply

I have the same problem. Can someone help please?

Mihail Mihov -

it means it was fully charge when the light indicator disappear

johnsdaniel43 -

but wouldn't the blue light come on if it's fully charged. I have this same problem btw

Matthew Losey -

. I charge it up and I turned it Owen it blinks on and off song come on then go back out

larrydudley5 - Reply

How might I replace the charging port?

Evy Machado - Reply

cannot connect via bluetooth any master reset on this device????

ivansp83 - Reply

I'm facing the same issue. Initially the charging light is on, after few seconds, the light turns out. When I'm playing music while charging, the light stays on and once I switch off the music, the light again turns out.

Karan Mahajan - Reply

Heeeelp!!! I can't charge my JBL Clip speaker. :( I already tried all of the micro USB cable I have just to charge it but none of them solved the problem. 4 cables to be exact. But when I try to plug it on the phone, it's charging. What's the prob of my speaker? Anyone please? :(

Jazmin Dela Cruz - Reply

Do you know the part number of the clip+ replacement battery or where I can purchase one?

ticopunker - Reply

My JBL Clip+ has been making intermittent popping noises when it's not being used. Loud, random "pop" as if someone tossed a marble against a wall.

Any idea what might cause this/how to fix it?


Russ - Reply

Ditto. Same problems as the rest of you with no solution.

jasonk1974 - Reply


I have problem with the Bluetooth.

IT isn't possible to associate e second iPhone with the jbl clip 2 even if the first iPhone is power off

Doudou - Reply

Same issue. I haven't found a work around

oldhatadam -

I just bought a clip+ and I charged it overnight and noticed the little red light doesn't turn off and I can't tell when it's fully charged any advise

Mr Mossbey - Reply

I have had mine for 2 years suddenly when I charge it the red light just stays on and when I power on it goes to a pink/purple LED, connects BT and disconnects randomly. Something's not right.

Paul Tanasi -

When it is fully charge the red light will turn off

Claudia -

I put Jbl To Charge For 20 Hours , light red turn on a assume it is charging, When I Press The Power Button It Won't Turn On,My Jbl Is Brand New

lucas - Reply

My JBL Clip+ has LOUD INTERFACE SOUND when i turn it on or off or Bluetooth.

Anyone knows how to disable it?

Gytis Leonavicius - Reply

Mine wont turn on and it been charging for about 5 hours

Nash griffith - Reply

The red light on my jbl clip will not turn off, even when powered off the red lightis still on until the battery loses its charge. Does anyone know what this means? Or how do I correct this?

Tony - Reply

My JBL clip plus stopped producing sounds. It worked perfectly fine last night. Now its not making sounds when I play music and when I turn it off or on there’s no more beeping sound. I need help!!

Koki ANg - Reply

Mine did the same thing this weekend - any solution??

Michelle Phillips -

I charged mine because it was dead and it was perfectly normal then when I was going to use it the light was changing color from blue to red to purple. It doesn’t make the sound when you connect and it doesn’t play music or connect to my phone. It also doesn’t turn off it just stays on with the lights changing color. What does that mean?

Natalia Pawlik - Reply

My jbl clip speaker is making strange funny noises and it only happens when you turn up the volume

Claudia - Reply

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