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JBL Clip 2 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page of the JBL Clip 2, will help you diagnose problems with the device.

Once the device is turned on your mobile or Bluetooth device that provides sound will not connect or pair with the device. Possible device not found.

Bluetooth should be compatible with all devices in most circumstances, but you can run into situations where devices that have different versions or non-compatible software and won’t work with each other.

If you are trying to pair you device to a source make sure its within 30 feet or the proximity listed in the instructions. You might get a message on your device or hear the speaker say that device is not in range.

If you haven’t prepared both devices for pairing you device wont function properly. Make sure your Bluetooth is on both devices and, that it is in pairing mode or that it is showing that it is discoverable. Sometimes it requires you to press and hold for a long period of time. Normally you would see some type of flashing light.

The device works, but the sound quality is poor and has moments where sound will play and then suddenly stop without notice.

The auxiliary port is the main connection to the JBL Clip 2 to make a wired connection to your music player. Over time dust and dirt may make its way into the port, causing a bad connection and cleaning out the port with the appropriate tools could restore the audio.

Occasionally, it is possible that the connections to the speaker might be faulty. This would require you to disassemble the JBL Clip 2 and to look into this problem, checking if some wiring might have to be connected or fixed.

If both problems above seem to check out then it is possible that the speaker itself is faulty requiring it to be replaced. This will require you to order a replacement speaker and install the new one using a guide.

When you press the power button, the startup sound or the light indicator fails to inform you that the device has powered on.

JBL Clip 2 speaker is able to keep working for eight hours and costs a little time to be fully charged. Try to plug in your device and get a successful charge. If it doesn't work without charging or maintain a charge for eight hours, a replacement of battery may be needed.

If the light indicator is not on after you press the power button. A hardware-based trouble may have affected the power button. The power button has either fallen off or is jammed and it will need to be replaced.

Please check if there is any visible damage to the USB charging cord. If not, connecting your speaker with your phone or laptop to check if it works. If the USB charging cord is damaged or it can not be connected to your electronic device, a new USB charging cord could solve this problem.

If none of the above methods works, the motherboard might be causing the issue. Try replacing the motherboard and the speaker should start working.

When the JBL Clip 2 is connect to a power source yet there is no indication that the device is charging, indicated by the charging LED not coming on or the device does not turn on.

Check the USB cable for bends or breaks in the wire, if there are exposed wires in the cable it may be unable to transfer power. Try testing if your USB cable is functioning by using the cable on another device, and if it charges move on to the next step.

Search the USB slot for any noticeable problems. Clear any obstructions and try charging. If there are no signs of a problem move on to the next step.

Use another micro USB cable to try and charge the device. If this does not solve the problem there may be an issue to the speaker, and may require replacing the speaker to fix.

When you attempt to clip the JBL Clip 2 using the carabiner, however fails to stay clipped to whatever surface you are trying to attach it to.

Often times we may clip the JBL Clip 2 on to a bag but if the carabineer is not completely locked your JBL Clip 2 can fall off from where you attempted to clip it to. To avoid this ensure the carabineer is secure, and if the carabineer itself is not securing and swings open a replacement carabineer may be needed.

Without the carabineer your device no longer has the ability to connect to bags and other clips. If your carabineer holder on the device is broken a replacement part can be bought to replace the piece so a new carabineer can be installed.

If you attempt to clip your JBL Clip 2 on to a location that does not allow the carabineer to completely secure, it is possible for it to fall off. Be sure that any location you attempt to clip using the carabineer allows it to fully close to ensure a secure clip.


I currently have the problem that my Clip 2 is blinking red and blue at all times, even when charging. Also I don't get any response from using the buttons, no power on/off sounds, no louder/quieter sounds and the light keeps blinking red and blue in sequence.

What's wrong with my device ?

Lovis Schultze - Reply

I get the exact same thing. I returned my device and now the same thing is happening to my replacement. It's a shame, because I love the sound. Going to have to find a different brand!

Matthew -

Exact same issue! Went to Charge it up and now it is blinking Blue and red. Will be returning tomorrow!

parkbenchfilms -

Exact same issue - will have to return it unless I can figure out why it won't work

Seth Meiners -

Same Issue - I leave it charging, and when I came home the led was blinking red/blue and no boton was working. Seems to be a battery issue. Now I have my money back and looking for an other brand. This is the best help you are going to get. JBL support page is useless.

carato -

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