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JBL Charge 2 Troubleshooting

How to fix common issues with the JBL Charge 2 speaker.

Pressing the power button results in nothing happening.

Try charging the speaker for four hours with included charger then check charging status of the battery. The battery level indicator lights should begin illuminating over time. If not, replace the battery.

The speaker charges but you cannot turn device on. The device may have accumulated moisture inside, allow the device to dry out. If problems remains, the button’s circuit board may be defective and may need replacement.

The speaker powers on, but will not pair with phone or other device.

Check the speaker’s battery gauge next to the control buttons. The battery charge levels are indicated by the amount of “lit” leds. Fewer lights means a lower charge. If the charge meter indicates low battery levels, charge the speaker and attempt to re-pair with phone.

Restart the phone and the speaker, then attempt to re-pair the two devices.

Update the OS on phone or device, then trying to pair with speaker again

If the speaker does not pair after trying all of the above, the bluetooth chip on the motherboard may have failed and needs to be replaced.

The device will power on, pair, but not produce any output sound including music played from phone or paired device.

Plug the JBL Charge 2 into the charger. Check the charge indicator on top of device to see if battery is charging.

Place the phone or other pairing device close to the Bluetooth speaker. The Charge 2 Bluetooth range is about 33 feet or less. This will minimize interference and distortion.

Check the volume levels on phone and the Charge 2 by turning volume down all the way then turning it up slowly till audible levels are produced.

Check the speakers by pressing the Bluetooth button on the device. It should make an audible sound if the speakers are working.

Check phone to see if the audio output to the Charge 2 is paused. If paused, resume playing the audio.

The speaker is plugged in, but the charging indicator does not increase or indicate the speaker is charging.

Check the ports on device for damage; such as charring or broken metal contacts on connectors.

Check if the battery is holding a charge by using a voltmeter, see removal – replacement guide.

Leave plugged in overnight – charger may be slow. Check the charge status lights on top should be full or fully charged in 4 hours.

Test this by using an charging device for a similar speaker. If it does not charge, use another cable that is compatible with device. If device still does not charge, the battery may be defective.

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My JBL charge 2+ only charge up to 4 LED light the 5th one is indicated when Bluetooth is on what is the reason mail me at

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