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Insignia NS-VCS14SL7 Troubleshooting

Use this troubleshooting guide to help diagnosis problem with your Insignia NS-VCS14SL vacuum.

Brush on suction head does not spin ¶ 

Why is the vacuum not picking anything up?

Is there suction? ¶ 

If not refer to Little or no suction power troubleshooting guide. Continue reading if there is suction.

Debris caught in suction head ¶ 

If you notice that the brush roller is not spinning there may be debris caught in the suction head itself. First power off the vacuum and lay it on its back with the suction head facing upwards. Inspect the roller brush for debris, or material that may hinder the rollers movement. The debris will more than likely be toward the ends of the roller near the bearings. If the debris is big, carefully remove with your hands to free the roller. If the debris is small, such as hair, and is wrapped around the roller you can use scissors to carefully cut away the material to free the roller.

Vacuum does not turn on ¶ 

The vacuum is not turning on?

Vacuum is not charged ¶ 

First thing to note is whether or not the vacuum has sufficient charge. If the vacuum has been on charge for a least a couple of hours this should not be an issue. If you suspect the charging dock is the problem please refer to the Reduced battery life troubleshooting guide.

Insufficient force when clicking button ¶ 

Next make sure that the button is being properly depressed. If enough force is not put into pressing, the button may not travel far enough to register that it was pressed, therefore not turning on. Press button until an audible click is heard.

Little or no suction power ¶ 

Having trouble sucking up dirt or other particles

The nozzle is clogged ¶ 

Look at the head of the stick vacuum and inspect to see if anything is blocking the airway. If blocked, use a stick or finger to remove the obstruction. Check the head of the hand vacuum as well. To release the hand vacuum, grab the hand vacuum from the stick vacuum by pressing the two grey buttons, located on the stick vacuum, simultaneously. Look at the nozzle and remove any obstructions if anything is blocking the airway.

The dirt cup is full ¶ 

Your dirt cup may be full, in order to empty it out, grab the hand vacuum from the stick vacuum by pressing the two grey buttons, located on the stick vacuum, simultaneously. Beneath the hand vacuum, push down on the little black clip in order to access the dirt cup. Remove the two filters by pulling them out, then, simply empty the dirt cup out into a trash can. Place the filters back into the dirt cup and onto the hand vacuum.

The dust bag or filter is clogged ¶ 

Your dirt-bag or vacuum filter could be dirty and clogged, this can take away most or all suction power from the vacuum. In order to resolve this problem, first, detach the hand vacuum from the stick vacuum by pressing the two grey buttons, located on the stick vacuum, simultaneously. Beneath the hand vacuum, push down on the little black clip in order to access the filter and take it out. Make sure to take both filters out, to do so, simply pull it out. To clean the filters, rinse them, thoroughly with water, keeping in mind not to rip the filters by using high water pressure. Let dry for 24 h before placing them back into the vacuum.

If the vacuum is still not sucking up debris, a new filter might need to be purchased.

Stick vacuum is failing to pick up dirt or dust ¶ 

This problem may be caused due to the brush on the stick vacuum not spinning. Please refer to the Brush on suction head does not spin troubleshooting guide.

Reduced Battery Life ¶ 

The vacuum turns on, but only runs for a short period of time

The Charging base is not plugged in ¶ 

If the base is not plugged in, the vacuum will not be charged. In this case the vacuum may still turn on, but will not have enough of a charge to stay running for more than a couple seconds

Vacuum is not charging correctly ¶ 

If the vacuum is charging correctly, the green led light on the front of the hand vacuum will blink once every two seconds. When the vacuum is fully charged the light will stop blinking and stay lit continuously. If the vacuum is used before it is finished charging you will experience reduced battery life

If the green light is not turning on, inspect the contacts on the charging base to ensure they are clean and not damaged. Also ensure the electrical contacts on the back of the hand vacuum are clean and clear of debris. Finally ensure the hand vacuum is correctly seated in the stick vacuum.

If the LED begins blinking twice every second this indicates a malfunction in the charging circuit. In this case unplug the charger and contact the insignia product support team at the Insignia Partstore - 866-933-5552

Battery needs to be replaced ¶ 

If there are no issues with the charging base, and all contacts are clean clear and connecting properly, you may need to replace the battery. In this case, follow the instructions to replace the battery found here (put link here Milestone 3).

Hand vacuum does not click back onto stick vacuum ¶ 

Dirt cup is not properly seated into body ¶ 

Make sure that the dirt cup is properly put back onto the hand vacuum. First make sure the filters are put back in properly and completely, then, place the bottom of the dirt cup in the hand vacuum and the press the top down so the black clip slide comes back into place.

Object obstructing locking mechanism ¶ 

Make sure there is nothing obstructing the head or handle of the hand vacuum from going into the stick vacuum.


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