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Insignia NS-SPBTBRICK-CM Troubleshooting

Read the troubleshooting page to find out more information regarding the part of the Insignia speaker that is not working.

Audio Distortion ¶ 

The audio coming from the speaker may sound spotty when using Bluetooth connection. You may have trouble hearing calls when you try to connect calls.

Poor Bluetooth Connection ¶ 

Try shortening the distance between your cellular device and the speaker or try disconnecting your cellular device from the speaker and reconnecting.

Interfering Signals ¶ 

If your SmartPhone is connected to multiple devices or if it is set up to automatically connect to another Bluetooth device, you may experience audio distortion. Try disconnecting your SmartPhone from all other Bluetooth devices besides the speaker to see if the connection is strengthened.

Blown Speaker ¶ 

If your speaker has a lack of range, the speaker may be blown. To determine if the range is off, listen to a song that you are familiar with so you know what to expect. If there is absolutely no sound, the speakers are completely blown.

Poor Battery Life ¶ 

The speaker's battery may be draining too quickly or not holding the charge long enough.

Full Charge ¶ 

Test charging the device fully and see how long the battery life lasts. If the battery still is not charging, there is either a problem with the battery or with the charging port. Try using a different charger before assuming it is one of these two problems.

Not Charging the Battery Enough ¶ 

If the battery is draining too quickly, be sure that you are charging the device fully and not just until you think the battery would be fully charged. Charging the battery too often and not allowing it to fully charge can affect the battery's performance.

Faulty Power Cord ¶ 

If you are charging the battery fully and have performed a test charge to get an idea of how long the battery should last and the speaker is still dying too quickly, then the power cord may be faulty. Try contacting Insignia to see if they will send another power cord or look into retail stores that carry the Insignia Bluetooth speaker or an online carrier, such as Ebay or Amazon, to purchase a new power cord.

Connectivity Problems ¶ 

If the speaker's sound is spotty or will not connect to your cellular device, you are experiencing connectivity issues.

Bluetooth Connection through your Cellular Device ¶ 

Be sure to turn on the Bluetooth on your SmartPhone through the device's Setting option. The speaker cannot connect to your cellular device unless this setting is turned on. Once you turn on the Bluetooth setting on your SmartPhone, the device should connect, but if it does not, try turning off and then on the Bluetooth setting on the speaker.

Bluetooth Connection through the Speaker ¶ 

To connect your Insignia Bluetooth speaker to your cellular device, the speaker's Bluetooth setting must be on. Press the button on the speaker to active Bluetooth and then check your SmartPhone to see if it is able to connect. If the Bluetooth setting on your SmartPhone and speaker are on then the device should connect.

Connecting to Bluetooth ¶ 

When you first turn on the speaker, it will not connect to your mobile device. In order to connect, you will need to turn on the Bluetooth setting on your SmartPhone and on the speaker itself. When both of these settings are turned on, the speaker should connect. If it does not, go to Bluetooth Settings on your mobile device and look for the name of the speaker on possible devices to connect to. Select the speaker's name and it should connect the speaker to your Smartphone.

Function Button Issues ¶ 

If the button will not push down or if the button is performing the incorrect function, the sleeve may be on the wrong way covering the wrong buttons. Try taking the sleeve off and putting it on the correct way. If this does not work, the buttons may be jammed.

Sleeve Disorientation ¶ 

Be sure that the rubber sleeve is on the device the correct way. Make sure that the buttons on the plastic rubber are aligned correctly with the buttons underneath. If they are incorrectly aligned, that could cause you to have issues with the function buttons.

Button Is Jammed ¶ 

If you do not hear a click when you touch the button, the button may be jammed. To be safe, turn the device off and remove the battery to be safe. Next, try cleaning the button with a Q-top and isopropyl alcohol. Work the Q-tip as far down into the cracks as possible. You can also try blowing debris away with canned are. Put the nozzle parallel to the stuck button and blow any dirt or debris out of the crack.. Be careful not to blow any dirt into the crack.

Charging Port Issues ¶ 

Try to charge the speaker fully. If the device is not charging, try a different charger. If a different charger still does not work, the charging port needs to be replaced.

Defective Charger ¶ 

If charging properly, there will be a red light indicating that the device is charging. This red light turns off when the speaker is fully charger. If this red light does not turn on when plugged into a charger, try a different charger. If the light still does not turn on, check the adapter.

Defective Adapter ¶ 

Be sure that the adapter is connected to a working cable. Use an alternate adapter or try the charging port from a laptop. Try connecting the charging cable to speaker and to the new power source. Be sure that the red light turns on indicating that the speaker is charging.

Defective Battery ¶ 

The battery typically should last about six hours, but if the speaker charge does not maintain its charge for that long, the battery maybe defective. Refer to our replacement guide for easy instructions on how to replace the battery.


Speaker does not play any audio. Power light the blue one, blinks but I can not hear any sound from the speaker. There is no connectivity issue. Connects well with my phone and laptop but no audio at all. How to debug ?

Vinaya - Reply

I have the same problem for all 3, yes i said three insignia blutooth portable speakers. I believe i messed up by trying to charge and having speaker @ full volume while watching movies. Each time it stopped sound and i think one speaker charging port got so hot from charging. This my rant any body knw whatsup with these gadgets?

Steffan Woody - Reply

I keep getting “blips” of sounds which interrupt the program I am watching. What is causing these blip sounds?

Penny Gilbert - Reply

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