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Student-Contributed Wiki

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The power button does not turn the heater on/off.

Make sure the heater is plugged into a power outlet. If the device is plugged in and still won't turn on, try a different outlet.

First, make sure the device is plugged into a power outlet. Next, make sure the tip-over safety switch is pressed by placing the heater on a hard, level surface. If the device still will not turn on when you press the On/Off button, the button may be defective. Here is a guide to show you how to replace the On/Off button: [LINK]

The heater suddenly turned off by itself.

The tip-over safety switch turns the heater off when it is not pressed. It is located on the bottom of the heater. When the heater is placed on a hard, level surface, the tip-over safety switch should be pressed. If the heater is knocked over, the tip-over safety switch should release and the heater should turn off.

To check if the tip-over safety switch is working properly, pick up the heater while it is on. The heater and the power indicator light should turn off. When you place the heater back down, the heater and the power indicator light should turn back on. If you pick up the heater while it is on and the heater doesn’t turn off, the tip-over safety switch might need to be replaced. Here is a guide to show you how to replace the tip-over safety switch: [LINK]

A dusty air intake may cause the heater to turn off suddenly or give off a burning smell. Unplug and clean your heater every few weeks for optimal performance. To clean the exterior of the heater, moisten a soft cloth with water only and wipe the surfaces. Allow to dry completely before using the heater again. To clean the air intake, vacuum the air intake grill using a vacuum's brush attachment.

I don't see/hear the fan spinning.

I don't feel air when I place my hand in front of the heater.

If the heater is turned on but not blowing air, there might be a problem with the fan. Place an open palm in front of the device to detect air circulation. If no air circulation is felt, the fan may have obstructions inhibiting the blades from rotating. If you open the heater and don't see any wires or obstructions preventing the blades from rotating, the fan may no longer be operational. Here is a guide to show you how to replace the fan: [LINK]

Air is coming out but it is too hot/cold.

Unfortunately, this device does not have the ability to adjust its temperature according to a user's needs. The heater's temperature adjusts automatically according to the surrounding temperature. If air circulation is felt from the fan but the air is too hot/cold, the heating element inside the device may be defective. The wires from the circuit board to the heating element will need to be inspected.

Everything seems fine with my device, but it is not working. I don't know what is wrong with it.

Do not use this device if the power cord is damaged or frayed. The power cord may have become damaged or frayed due to excessive current flow from an outlet, heavy use, old age, or extreme pinching between objects. Here is a guide to show you how to replace the power cord: [LINK]

If all previous troubleshooting tips have been followed and the device is still unresponsive, an inspection of the circuit board is needed. The circuit board will either need to be replaced due to burning or charring, or repaired for loose connections among the device's components.

Disassembling this device to attempt repairs will void the device's warranty with Insignia. If you wish to use the warranty, do not disassemble your device. The device comes with a 1-year limited warranty when purchased in new condition from Best Buy. If your device is still under warranty, Insignia may repair or replace your device for you. For more information about this device’s warranty, follow this link:


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