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Insignia NS-CSPBTHOL-R Troubleshooting

This page will help you diagnose problems with the Insignia Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker.

The speaker will not show any signs of charging.

A charging indicator lights red while charging then turns off when the speaker is fully charged. If the indicator light does not turn on when plugged in, use an alternate charging cable and check indicator light. If the indicator light still does not turn on, check adapter.

Make sure the adapter is connected to a functioning cable. Use a different adapter or the charging port on a laptop. Connect the charging cable to the speaker and new power source. Check the indicator light when the device is charging.

According to Insignia, the battery should last approximately six hours. If the speaker charges but does not maintain the charge for very long, the battery may be defective. Refer to our replacement guide for instructions on replacing a battery.

The speaker’s name will not appear on the device when trying to pair the two.

Make sure that the device is no more than 33 feet from the speaker. If it still not connecting, reset the pairing mode on your device and turn off the speaker. Make sure the speaker is not paired to another Bluetooth device.

The source button may be stuck or dusty on the inside. Press the source button for five seconds if the Bluetooth name does not pop up on your device, the source button may be faulty.

Buttons are stuck in place or device doesn't respond to button pressing.

It is possible that dirt, dust, or residue has built up underneath the buttons on the speaker. If the build-up has not damaged the inner workings of the buttons, it is possible that it can be cleaned off to resolve the issue. If the buttons have been damaged, or will not respond, please see our Button Replacement Guide for instructions on cleaning and replacing buttons.

While connected and playing music, the speaker doesn't produce adequate sound.

Before attempting any of these solutions try turning the volume down on the device and the volume up on the speaker

To test for a faulty auxiliary cable, try connecting to the speaker with a different cable. If the sound is still distorted while using the alternate cable, the problem is most likely the speaker’s auxiliary jack. The jack could either be loose or damaged. If loose, see our guide for removing the auxiliary jack and correctly re-insert. If this does not work, the jack may be damaged, this will require removal and replacement.

If you are playing music through a Bluetooth connection and audio sounds distorted, try moving the device and speaker closer together to attempt to achieve a better connection. If this does not work, the device may be overworked, close out applications or widgets and try again.

If neither of the above solutions solve the problem, it is most likely the speakers themselves. This will require replacement of one or both speakers, for help on this see our guide for replacing the speaker.

Speaker will not turn on or connect to device.

According to Insignia, the rechargeable battery lasts up to six hours. A charging cable is included with the speaker, plug the charging cable to the micro USB port on the back of the speaker and connect the other end to a USB charging port. The charging indicator lights red while charging, then turns off when fully charged.

The charger cable may be defective and will not charge your speaker. If the red indicator light is not on while the charger cable is plugged in to the speaker and charging source, you may need to replace the cable.


I've tried everything. The Red light will not turn on and indicate if it's charging. I've reset it and it's still not working.

Aami - Reply

I have the same issue. I’ve tried several different chargers and connectors, computer, laptop, wall charger.. the red light does not come on at all. The other lights and buttons all work fine, just cant seem to get the unit to charge at all. AND CONSTANTLY BEEPS!!! Could be where the charger connects to the unit? Can this be replaced?

Valerie -

How do you reset the speaker?

Levi Treiber -

Turns on but no longer pairs with any of my devices. Neither does the built-in speaker work when using a 3.5mm mini stereo cable plugged into my phone or tablet

philipnhamilton - Reply

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