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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Insignia NS-BCDCAS1 Troubleshooting

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The play button is jammed and I can’t use it

The button may be jammed due to accumulated dust behind the button. Try to clean around the button to remove grime. to clean the buttons you can use a small brush or an air duster. If this doesn’t work, you may need to remove the front panel to clean the area. Please see the front panel removal guide for instructions.

when two buttons get stuck together, try pressing the buttons around it to set them free. if this does not work, try wiggling the buttons gently. tapping around the area can also be helpful but be careful when attempting this, you can damage parts inside.

While the CD is playing, the soundtrack skips through the current track, sometimes skipping it entirely and moving on to the next track

The inside of the CD reader may be causing the CD to be skipping. Spray with an air duster in the compartment, and try playing the CD again. If the CD keeps skipping, check the CD itself. If the CD is fine, then the CD reader may be damaged, and would need to be replaced.

Wipe the CD gently with a cloth, preferably a lint-free one, to clean and smooth the surface. If the CD keeps skipping, it may be scratched permanently and is the sole problem.

I have trouble listening to the radio because of too much static.

Test the audio through different parts of the house and make sure there is nothing wrong with the speakers by playing music through a different setting. AM/FM signal might be weak in different areas and the location of the boombox may need to be changed.

If the audio sound is distorted when listening in the AM/FM setting, try adjusting the antenna in different ways and make sure is fully connected to the device. You should fully extend the antenna wire to make sure the wire is not peeled, electrical tape can be use to fix a peeled wire.


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