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Insignia NS-24ER310NA17 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Insignia LED 720p Smart Roku.

The Insignia TV will not connect to an Internet network.

If your Insignia TV will not connect to the internet, your internet provider service could be the problem. Check your internet connectivity by connecting another device to your internet. If your other device fails to connect, contact your internet providers to check for outages in your area. Consider switching to a more reliable provider.

If your Insignia TV will not connect to the internet, it may be because your home wifi settings are restricting access to it. The Insignia TV requires a lot of data in order to stream channels and your Wifi may not support this need. Try adjusting your Wifi settings to allow more data to be used. Consider upgrading to unlimited data. You can also plug the computer directly into an ethernet source, by using one of the USB ports on the back of the tv, and a USB to ethernet converter.

Audio is on but picture is not visible.

If the screen is black but you can still hear the audio, try shining a bright light on the screen. If no image can be seen, there could be two things that might need to be replaced: either the lamp or the Light Sensor.

If the screen is black but you can still hear the audio, try shining a bright light on the screen. If an image can be seen, the lighting element in the screen has gone out. Since Insignia Televisions are a self contained unit and most small parts cannot be replaced, this problem would require the entire screen to be replaced. Replacing your television, however, would be less expensive than replacing just the screen.

Picture is either too big or too small for screen.

It is likely that the picture will not fit your screen due to an issue in your settings. To resolve this, press the star button on the Roku remote and scroll to picture size using the up and down arrows. Select picture size and then choose a new size. Choose a larger size if the picture is too small. Choose a smaller size if the picture is too large.

Insignia TV is plugged in, but no image appears.

If your Insignia TV will not turn on, you can try a power reset. To perform a power reset, unplug the set from the outlet. Then proceed to hold down the power button for one minute. Release the power button, plug the TV back into the outlet, and attempt to power on. If the TV turns on, it is likely that a power supply replacement may become necessary in the near future. If the TV does not turn on, the issue is with either the power supply or a fault on the motherboard itself.

Your TV will not display HDMI video.

To do an HDMI reset, unplug both the TV and all other connected devices. Then, disconnect all of the HDMI cables from both ends and reconnect them. Lastly, plug in all of the connected devices to the power. Give them about 30 seconds to boot up before plugging in the TV.

Video image is distorted, blurry, or discolored when plugged into a computer with HDMI.

The computer may be operating in an incorrect resolution. To fix this, double check the Resolution settings by right-clicking the desktop, and selecting “Screen Resolution.” The ideal resolution for every computer is different. To change the resolution settings of your computer display, go to settings, display, advanced display settings (if you cannot currently see a setting for the resolution) and change the resolution to best fit the TV. Play around with different resolution settings, until you find the one that looks the best on your TV.


Try to turn r 46in insignia tv on red light blinks 5 or 6 times and screen flashes on and then tv go right off

Larry Dean Anglin - Reply

Turn on the TV and the red light flashes 9 times. TV comes on and Asks me for the input. I choose HDMI and then it asks for the language and freezes. It’s on English, which is what I want but the ENTER button does nothing….and I can’t proceed any further.

Tom Fischerkeller - Reply

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