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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

The light labelled "ADD WATER" on the front side of the device is on.

Be sure to turn the ice maker off, then add water up to the maximum water level mark. The maximum water level mark is denoted by the characters "MAX" next to a line with an arrow in the center. These are located on the inside of the machine; after opening the lid on the top of the device, remove the ice basket; the markings are just below it on the side facing toward the interior of the machine. Add water to this compartment as instructed, then press the ON/OFF button to turn on the ice maker.

The light labelled "ICE FULL" on the front side of the device is on.

Lift the lid on the top of the device and remove the ice from the ice basket.

The ice cubes stick together and form chunks rather than coming out as regular ice cubes.

Stop the ice maker and wait for the ice to melt. Restart the ice maker after selecting SMALL sized ice cubes with the SELECT button on the front of the device.

In this case, replace the water with warmer water. Refer to "The ADD WATER Indicator Is On" for instructions on how to do this. The water temperature should be between 40° F - 90° F (4.44° C - 32.2° C) in order for the device to function properly.

After running the machine through a standard cycle, there is no ice in the basket.

In order for your ice machine to function properly, the room temperature should be between 50°F-105° F (10°-40.6° C), and the water temperature should be between 40° F - 90° F (4.44° C - 32.2° C). Following these guidelines should alleviate the problem.

The machine continues to make ice even though it has already run through a standard cycle

It is recommended to move the ice maker to a darker location where it will not be affected by sunlight or reflected sunlight.


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