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Hytera TC-580 Troubleshooting

Hytera TC-580. A 256 channel portable radio.

Hytera will not power on ¶ 

The walkie talkie cannot be powered on.

Defective Battery ¶ 

Ensure the battery is properly connected, and that the rapid-rate charger light is on, then make sure that the battery contacts are sufficiently cleaned. If the device still doesn’t power on, consider purchasing and replacing battery by using the guide provided.

Defective Adaptor ¶ 

Assure that the adaptor is plugged into the charger. If the light from the charging port is not on, then the adaptor is evidently defective and needs to be replaced.

Signal is weak or absent ¶ 

The walkie talkie is powered on, but there is little or no signal.

Damaged Antenna ¶ 

Power off the radio, reconnect the antenna properly, and turn the device back on. If the antenna is still not receiving signal, then the antenna is most likely damaged and will need to be replaced.

Noise is too loud ¶ 

The radio is making extraneous noises during communication or there is poor sound quality.

Speaker is damaged or defective. ¶ 

The built-in speak on the radio is likely damaged or has poor connection. To fix this issue you can remove the speaker and clean the wiring. If this does not solve it then removing and replacing the speaker is recommended.

The settings on the radio are not to user’s preference. ¶ 

The volume setting or other settings may be too loud. You can turn down the volume using the knob itself or go through certain settings to change the volume for different levels for different action. Certain settings are accessible through the settings menu and others are programmable..

Programming issues ¶ 

The walkie talkie display is not responding correctly.

The buttons for the radio could be damaged. ¶ 

The keypad could no longer be working, you can fix this by replacing the keypad. If this does not work it is likely due to a damaged circuit board. See below.

The programming/software for the radio has malfunctioned. ¶ 

If the radio is not functioning properly you can try to reset the radio back to factory settings, using the steps listed in the user manual.

The circuit board is damaged. ¶ 

The circuit board could have a bad connection or be damaged. To fix this you will need to either fix the solder connections or replace the circuit board.

Voice from receiving Hytera is not heard. ¶ 

The operator of the receiving Hytera cannot hear what the operator of the transmitting Hytera is saying.

Defective Microphone ¶ 

Make sure the microphone is not defective by performing the following test. Have the operators of the receiving and transmitting Hytera’s stand 10 feet away from each other. Have the operators power on the Hytera’s and connect to the same communication channel. Have the operator of the transmitting Hytera say “testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.” If the operator of the receiving Hytera cannot hear this sentence coming from the walkie talkie, the receiving Hytera’s microphone is defective. Use this guide to replace the microphone.


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