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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Huawei MediaPad S7-301u Troubleshooting

Tablet is not responsive to any user input.

Look for an outlet and charge the tablet. Be sure to use the correct charger for this device due to the fact that it does not charge via micro usb. The the plug size should be around 2.5mm to 0.7mm.

Try to charge the battery. If it does not get charged, the battery might be bad. Replace it with a new one here. Look for any indications that the tablet is charging, including charging light.

Try to use a new charger and plug it in the outlet. If your new charger doesn’t work on the device, the problem could be in the outlet. To be sure that the new charger works, try to use it in another device.

The cause of this might be due to water damage or a defective motherboard. Use a blow dryer to make sure that the motherboard is dried enough, then try to connect the device. If still not working, replace motherboard using this the guide provided here.

Rear or front has a visible crack on the lens or pictures show up blurred.

To replace the camera, remove the back of the tablet, use a tweezer to insert into the edges of the camera , cut any adhesive under the camera, and now the camera can be removed. Detail instructions are listed here.

Dust or any other debris may have gotten into the tablet and may rest in front of the camera. To remove this, use this here.

Device has a visible crack and interferes with user’s touch.

A damaged or cracked screen may have prevented the user from seeing the display on the tablet or using the touch-screen properly. To fix this, the tablet will need a screen replacement. Here are some details on how to repair a cracked or damaged screen in the link below.


If the device won’t respond to touch, this might simply be caused by a screen protector or phone case, try to remove the screen protector or the tablet’s case. If it’s still not working, this might be due to the bad motherboard. Here is a link on how to fix it link.


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