How to Repair the Flashing Red Light of the Zeppelin

Introduction ¶ 

How to repair the flashing red light of the Zeppelin, which occurs when you plug a device in.

Tools ¶ 

Relevant Parts ¶ 

  • 2,220 uF 16V 105°C capacitor

Procedure ¶ 

Step 1 ¶ 

  1. Disassemble the Zeppelin, by first removing the soft rubber support (fixed by tape).
  2. Remove the 4 screws that are holding the silver ipod support. (You'll need a T20 bit with a hole in the center - available on the ifixit pro kit)
  3. Remove the ribbon cable from the base. (Be careful with the connector, it need to be slide very gently !)
  4. Remove the two black covers, by sliding them gently out while pressing the release "switch" located on the back part of the black cover.
  5. You'll find 8 phillips screws, holding the speaker assembly to the silver back of the zeppelin. Carefully unscrew them, but be careful not to detach the front from the back

Step 2 ¶ 

  1. Gently separate the back from the front.
  2. Remove the earth wire attached to the power supply, as well as the main connection (two wire cable attached on the lower part of the power supply).
  3. Remove the ribbon connection from the main board (be careful with the connector, that need to be released very gently)
  4. You may now check the power supply for inflated capacitors. It is very likely that the 2200uF 16V is the one.

Step 3 ¶ 

  1. Remove the power supply connection on the top of it
  2. Remove the 4 screws that are holding back the PSU from the back shell
  3. Remove the 4 screws that are holding the pcb from the aluminum base.
  4. Change the inflated capacitor
  5. Make sure the thermal paste is still present on the semiconductor on the base.
  6. Replace the PCB on the base, and the power supply inside.

Step 4 ¶ 

  1. Plug every wire back.
  2. Check if everything looks secure inside
  3. Place back the cover and the 8 philips screws.
  4. Gently slide the covers, by making sure they are aligned on both sides (there is some rails, and the cover has to be slide into). Make sure also that you are not mixing the two covers (there are not identical, the one with the rubber protection on the led output goes on the left).
  5. Assemble gently the ribbon for the ipod dock.
  6. Fix it back with the 4 screws.
  7. Put back the rubber part.
  8. You should be ready to go !


I fixed by replacing the power supply. Part ALP0050-NU25 from Profusion.

Good luck!!

isaac - Reply

Isaac - was there any difficulty in replacing the entire PSU?

jonathanwalk -

Hi Isaac, is the power supply module a direct swap for the output connector do you need to change cables and pinouts? Kindly email me details if possible. thank you.

James Yong -

Hi, just replaced the PSU but the light turns white and nothing happens??!

Any suggestions?

best regards


Rune Christiansen -

Hi Rune,

I didn't replace the PSU but I am stuck as well with the white light - meaning firmware update mode - but the firmware does not update even though the Utility App seems to work fine.

Have you got any luck ever since ?

Thanks in advance

christianbetheuil -

Will this work on the older model as well? Not the air, the first model (with native support for iPhone 4 etc)? Im having the same problem.

christofferdvinge - Reply

I have the same problem as Christianbetheuil and Rune Christiansen. After a power outage the zeppelin air with 30 pin adapter shows a white light and when connecting a USB cable shows a "unfinished firmware" in the B&W control app. Even after going through the motions several times, the app still says unfinished firmware and the light stays white and the Zeppelin air stays unresponsive. No way to play any music through it.

I appreciate any info on how to get it working again.



pascal - Reply

Tried using the firmware restore utility?

Daniel Schlaug -

Mine has the same problem as pascal, tried the software updates over and over, might be the capacitor then. Where can you get them?

dan walsh -

Hi just saw I never updated my posting. I have repaired the zeppelin and exchanged the capacitors which were defective. I had to change the three largest capacitors. It has been working flawlessly for a few month now. The guide was very useful, thanx. I bought the capacitors online as well as in a local electronics shop. I did not want to wait a day after all ;-) so after ordering on line I checked out the local shop and repaired the zeppelin the same evening.

pascal -

Hi Pascal - looks like I have exactly the same problem with a solid white LED light and unable to complete a firmware update.

Are you able to share the exact details / specs of the capacitors that you had to replace? I will open mine up later but would appreciate being able to verify against your experience as I go through the process.

Shihong Tan -

Has anyone succesfully repaired / replaced their power supply?

I've removed mine and no bulging capacitors but a tiny intergrated circuit black chip on the rear looks like its blown/shorted out.

its miniscue though, no idea what to replace it with if I even could

anyone tried a new power supply from anywhere?

dmulheran - Reply


I have opend the Zeppelin but cannot find any inflated capacitor nor can i find any 2,220 uF 16V 105°C capacitor

Mike - Reply

WHAT capacitor ?? Radial - Vertical cylinder. Both the leads come out the bottom of the cylinder along the radius.

Axial- Horizontal cylinder. One lead end along the axis of the cylinder.

Disc - A Disc. Leads come out on the bottom, generally following the circumference of the disc.

dan walsh - Reply

where is it located the 2,200 cap?

dan walsh - Reply

Mis zeppelin dejaron de sonar y ahora cuando lo prendo suena un golpe seco y deja de sonar pero si prende normal solo no suena y es el ruido fuerte del principio, que pudiese ser??

a_sanchez_p - Reply

Worked for me; exactly that one capacitor. I even built a capacitor ESR tester to check the others, and they were all fine.

Neville Ward - Reply

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