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Hoover Windtunnel Air Steerable Upright Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Hoover Windtunnel Air Steerable Upright Troubleshooting

I want to use my vacuum but it won’t turn on when I press the power button or it shuts off mid-use.

Check to make sure you have attached the power cord of the vacuum to a wall plug.

If the vacuum cleaner stops working mid-use, this is because the vacuum motor has become overheated and the machine shut itself off as a safety procedure. If this occurs, let the vacuum rest for 1-3 hours, then come back and turn it on again for use.

A wall plug in your house might not be working. Try plugging the vacuum into a different wall plug.

Wiggling the vacuum power cable may cause power to come back on. But this does imply that it is a bad power cable. Contacting the vacuum company is necessary if this happens.

When I turn the vacuum on it won’t pick up dirt or debris.

Try emptying the dirt cup into a waste receptacle.

Check hose and brush roll for obstructions.

Use a long object such as dowel or ruler to push debris through suction hose.

Rinsable filter or HEPA filter is dirty, clean the filter with water or replace HEPA filter.


Link to replace filter guide

Press automatic brush roll shut-off switch twice.

Belt connecting brush roll to vacuum is damaged or broken.

Link to replacement belt guide

Part: Hoover Belt Part #562535001

Tools Required: Phillips head screwdriver

The cleaner is stuck at just one position or the handle would not recline as much as it used to.

Make sure the vacuum head is held fixed on the ground using your feet while pulling the handle to adjust its position.

Look for any blockage around the hinge that connects the cleaner head and the vacuum handle. An object such as pencil stuck at the hinge might be preventing the unit from reclining further.

Look for any blockage around the hinge that connects the cleaner head and the vacuum handle. A pencil stuck at the hinge might be preventing the unit from reclining further. Check if something is stuck by the upright lock. If it is broken, the part will have to be replaced.

Part: Hoover Lock #440004075

Tools Required: Allen Wrench Screwdriver

The vacuum makes a strange or loud noise whenever it is turned on.

If the vacuum is making a whistling noise, the hose of the vacuum may be clogged with dirt or debris. Use a moist paper towel and/or a long object such as a dowel or a ruler to clean away any obstructions.

Part: Hose

Tools Required: Moist paper towel, long object

If unclogging the hose does not resolve the issue, the hose itself may be torn or ripped and replacement may be required.

There may be a buildup of debris in the motor filter. This can be accessed by unscrewing the back panel on the bottom of the vacuum. Once panel is removed, pull out the motor filter and wash with water.

*Warning: Allow filter to completely dry before reinserting into compartment!

Part: Motor Filter

Tools Required: Phillips head screwdriver, Water

If the vacuum is making a rattling noise, you may have simply sucked up a solid piece of debris such as a small stone. Remove the dirt cup and empty contents into a waste receptacle.

Part: Dirt Cup

Tools Required: None

When operating the vacuum, the primary brush roll is not spinning.

Make sure the switch is pushed into the “on” position. If it is in the on position, switch to off and then back to on.

Physically inspect the brush roll for debris that may be clogging it and preventing it from spinning like hair or string. Remove the material.

The brush roll may no longer be functional. If the above steps don’t resolve the problem try unplugging the unit for 30 minutes and then try again. If the problem is still unresolved you probably need to Replace the Brush roll (link to replacement guide for brush roll).

When using the vacuum dust is escaping and getting blown out.

Dust may escape if the dirt cup is full. Empty the dirt cup and see if the issue persists.

Physically inspect the brush roll for debris that may be clogging it and preventing it from spinning like hair or string. Remove the material.

Parts: None

Tools required: None, gloves recommended

If the dirt cup is not properly seated dust may escape. Ensure the dirt cup is properly installed by removing the cup and then placing the bottom on the dirt cup into the body of the vacuum first, then pivot the cup into the vacuum. You should hear and feel a click. If the dirt cup doesn’t fit or click into place you may need to buy a replacement dirt cup.

Parts: Hoover Dirt Cup- part no. 440004067 (if required)

Tools required: None

If the filter is not installed properly, or is missing altogether, then dust may escape while the vacuum is in use. See our Filter Replacement Guide for instructions on how access and check the filter. You may need to replace the filter if it is old or damaged.

Part: Primary Filter Assembly- part no. 303903001 (if required)

Tools required: None


any chance you’d be open to helping troubleshoot an issue not mentioned here? my hoover windtunnel air steerable upright is having issues with the air flow. when i open ‘hose mode’ valve the air spins in the dirt cup as it’s supposed to, but when i close that and use the standard floor mode the air stops spinning and sounds as though there’s nowhere for air to escape. i’ve cleaned out all the hoses and pulled apart the vacuum as much as i can, but i just can seem to see an issue. any thoughts on what might be causing this issue? thanks! :)

Janaya Rampton - Reply

My issue with this vacuum is that the debris that is sucked up winds up on top of the air filter and not in the dirt cup where it’s suppose to be.

Chuck Kalb - Reply

Chuck, I’m having the same issue with my Hoover Windtunnel, did you ever find a solution to fix the issue? If you can share your experience in fixing the problem, that would be awesome. Thanks.

Jose Blanco

Jose Blanco -

I have a Hoover Windtunnel upright where the power cord is simply put unmanageable and can't be easily coiled manually. It easily gets tangled.

Is this a common problem?

Dennis - Reply

Every time I turn on my Vacuum, I have to take off the head place my hand over the hose until the RED LIGHT goes off. The suction is the worst I have ever had in a vacuum. I have been a 35 year client of Hoover and always recommend Hoover to my friends but that will now stop. This vacuum costs $300 plus with tax and has to be the worst purchase ever. I also bought it at Canadian Tire, tried to return it only to be told, it must go back to Hoover directly.   So, HOOVER...what can you do or recommend now?????

mcgloin3809 - Reply

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