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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Hoover LiNX

~There is no response when the power switch is moved~

If the button moves appropriately but fails to respond there may be a problem with the motherboard. Try to replace the motherboard inside the handle using this guide.

If the power switch freely moves around and doesn’t click into place, the switch may have disconnected or broken off from the internal lever. Try to replace the switch using this guide.

~The vacuum does not have sufficient suction ~

If the vacuum is failing to suck up dirt then the fan may have failed and needs to be replaced. Try to replace the fan using this guide.

If the vacuum is not sucking up air but rather blowing air out from the nozzle then look at the fan blades inside the motor. See if the blades can be reversed. If not then the fan will need to be replaced. Try to replace the fan using refer to this guide.

~The nozzle is not operating properly~

If suction is occurring but not pulling up dirt then there might be some object obstructing the rear tube. Try taking off the dirt container and look into the rear tube for the object. If an object is present then try pulling the object out of the tube and reattach the dirt container.

If the nozzle prongs are bent then try to bend them back to their correct shape. Try using pliers to bend the prongs so that the vacuum may slide back onto them. If the prongs are broken or bent beyond repair then the prongs need to be replaced. Try replacing the nozzle using this guide.

~Dirt is able to enter the motor through the vacuum~

The filter can be cleaned quite easily. Refer to the maintenance guide located on the bottom part of the housing.

If the motor is not spinning then there may be a problem with the motor. Check to see if the belt is appropriately attached to the motor or broken. If it is not then place the belt in the appropriate position or replace it. If there is nothing wrong with the belt on the motor then the motor may be broken and will need replacement. Try to replace the motor using this guide.

If larger objects are finding their way into the motor, check the red baffle to see if it is completely secured. Try to remove any object that find their way into the motor. Refer to the maintenance guide located on the bottom part of the housing.

~The wheels will not move when pushed~

If the wheel is not moving at all then there may be something restricting its movement. Try looking at the wheel to see if there is something obstructing the wheels from moving. If there is some dirt or string preventing the wheel from rolling then clean the area around the wheel and remove any dirt or strings. If an object is struck between the wheel and nozzle then remove the object.

If the wheel is no longer attached onto the vacuum try reattaching the wheel to its axel. To reattach the wheel slide the wheel onto the axel and it should click into place .

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