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Hisense Sero 7 Pro Troubleshooting

Hisense Sero 7 Pro by Android released May 2013, a trademark of Hisense Group.

Camera Not Responding ¶ 

When you open up the camera application, it shows a black unresponsive screen.

Faulty Camera ¶ 

The Hisense Sero 7 Pro has two cameras if any of the two cameras is not functioning it is due to the camera being faulty. Consider replacing the camera by following the guide here: Replace Camera

Camera Application Timed Out ¶ 

One of the common problems with the camera application not working is due to the application timing out. Try to exit out of the application, force close it, and then open it up again.

GPS Not Working ¶ 

The GPS is not detecting your location.

Faulty GPS Satellite ¶ 

Another common issue to your GPS not responding can be due to your settings. Make sure your locating and satellite on tablet are set to on. You also want to make sure he "mode" is set to high accuracy to make sure your sensor is at its highest capability. If problem continues you may want to replace your GPS transmitter located in the software following the guide here: Replace GPS Satellite

Battery Charging Problems ¶ 

The device is not charging when it is plugged into the electrical outlet.

Faulty Battery Charger ¶ 

The Hisense Sero 7 Pro charger comes with two parts; the USB adapter as well as the USB cable. First, try switching electrical outlets. The USB is most compatible when a 5v/2amp connected to the micro USB cable. Plug to outlet with nothing else being attached. If problems persist, try switching the USB adapter and/or cable. If the issue still exists, consider replacing the battery charger using steps given here: Replace Battery

Connect to Different Outlet ¶ 

The electrical outlet in use may be the issue. Try changing to a different outlet.

Mini HDMI Input Issues ¶ 

The HDMI cable is plugged into both the tablet and television, but no image or sound is detected.

Dust Inside Mini HDMI Input ¶ 

One common problem with the HDMI connection would be excessive dust particles accumulated in the vents. To fix this, first unplug the HDMI cord from the tablet. Now, use a compressed air blower to blow air directly into the Mini HDMI port. Blow several times and connect HDMI cord back into the tablet. Test the connection once more and see if the problem is fixed.

Faulty Television HDMI Port ¶ 

Another HDMI issue is a faulty television HDMI port. If there are multiple HDMI ports on the television, try plugging the HDMI cord to a different port. Once this is done, test the connection and see if the problem is fixed.

Wi-Fi Connection Difficulties ¶ 

You are having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi. After each step, try opening a web browser again to check for a successful connection.

Turn Wi-Fi On/Off ¶ 

If your connection is not being detected, try to turn the Wi-Fi off and then on again on the Hisense Sero 7 Pro Tablet.

Reboot Device ¶ 

Consider restarting your device. This procedure usually fixes the issue of a bad Wi-Fi connection the majority of the time.

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Tablet shows connected to phone hot spot, a 4Glte...but it wont let me into anything..

Keeps saying no connection..

Have turned off wifi, didn't work

Rebooted with factory default, didn't work...

Now why...

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