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Hamilton Beach 48464 Troubleshooting

Hamilton Beach Use and Care Guide

Unit will not turn on ¶ 

No matter what I do, I can't get the Brew Station to turn on.

Faulty power cord ¶ 

The power cord may be damaged. Check to make sure that the cord is not torn in any way. If damage is done to the cord, you must replace it.

Power outage ¶ 

Make sure that the cord is plugged into a working outlet that has not experienced an outage. If you are unsure if the outlet has power, check the voltage in the outlet.

Coffee is not brewing ¶ 

I am able to turn the Brew Station on, but it won't brew any coffee.

Mineral deposits ¶ 

Mineral deposits from the water may be blocking the flow of coffee into the container. If there is a buildup, you should clean it thoroughly. Clean the coffeemaker following “Care and cleaning: Inside of coffeemaker” in the Uses and Care guide.

Empty water reservoir ¶ 

Check the water reservoir for contents. If reservoir is empty or below the minimum water line, you must add water.

Coffee leaks ¶ 

Coffee keeps leaking out even when I am not using my Brew Station.

Trapped coffee grounds ¶ 

There may be coffee grounds trapped in the coffee maker causing it to leak out from the dispenser even when the device is turned off. Inspect the coffeemaker, and if you see coffee grounds trapped anywhere inside, clean it following “Care and cleaning: Inside of coffeemaker” in the Uses and Care guide.

Coffee tastes bad ¶ 

I haven't changed the way I brew my coffee, but now it tastes bad.

Poor water quality ¶ 

The source of your water may be causing your coffee to have a funny taste. Use different sources of water to test if it does effect the taste of your coffee. The best water to use for coffee is bottled water and water filtered through a filter system.

Incorrect coffee to water ratio ¶ 

You may have set the coffee to water ratio to a number that doesn't appeal to you. Use trial and error to find the best ratio for your personal preference in strength of coffee.

Coffee grounds are too coarse/fine ¶ 

Your coffee grounds may be ground either too coarsely or too fine. You should set the coffeemaker to Automatic Drip Grind in order to eliminate this problem.

Dirty coffee maker ¶ 

A dirty coffee maker may be causing your coffee to taste bad. If your coffee has poor taste and none of the above information has solved this problem, you should clean the device following “Care and cleaning: Inside of coffeemaker” in the Uses and Care guide.

CLEAN appears in display ¶ 

I have never seen it before, but the icon CLEAN appeared on my Brew Station.

Cleaning reminder ¶ 

If the word CLEAN appears in the display, this is a reminder that enough time has elapsed since the last cleaning and it needs to be cleaned again following “Care and cleaning: Inside of coffeemaker” in the Uses and Care guide.

Coffee brews slowly ¶ 

Recently my Brew Station has been taking longer to brew my coffee.

Coffeemaker is in a wrong mode ¶ 

If the coffeemaker is in a wrong mode, it may cause the system to brew very slowly. Possible modes that create slow brew times is 1 - 4 CUPS or BOLD modes. If the coffeemaker is in either of these modes, press the BREW MODE button until no lights appear.

Coffeemaker needs cleaning ¶ 

Cleaning the coffeemaker may increase brew speed. To maintain maximum speed and performance, you should clean the device every 30 days. Follow “Care and cleaning: Inside of coffeemaker” in the Uses and Care guide.

Coffee overflows basket ¶ 

Coffee started to come over the top of the basket and leaking out of the device.

Incorrect amount of coffee grounds ¶ 

If too many coffee grounds are in the filter, it may cause the coffee maker to overflow the basket. You should generally stick to using 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds per each 6 ounces of water. Depending on your preference, only slightly alter this ratio to increase or decrease strength.

Bad paper filters ¶ 

If your filters are of poor quality, this may cause your coffee to overflow. Make sure to use a brand that is well known and trusted. Also, there can be an overflow if you use the wrong sized filters or layer too many on top of each other. Make sure that you use only one filter per brew, and make sure that you use a filter labeled 8 to 12 cups.

Coffee is cold when dispensed ¶ 

I used my Brew Station and it came out cold. It has never brewed cold coffee before.

Coffeemaker has shut off ¶ 

If your coffee is cold or colder than usual when it is dispensed, make sure that the coffee maker is still on. If it is off, you should turn it on and make a new brew. Also, you could reheat the cold coffee. See “TO REHEAT COFFEE” instructions, or brew new cycle.

Selected Keep Warm Hours have elapsed ¶ 

The coffee may not stay warm after being brewed if the Keep Warm Hours set time is up. If this is the case, you should adjust the time to make sure that the heater stays warm for the whole time you need it to.


I've had this for 3 wks. & I use it daily. Normally the on button is green. . Today it is red, not flashing. I looked at the manual because I thought it was a reminder to clean it, but it says it will say "clean". What does the solid red light mean? D.C.

Donna - Reply

Does not use all the water in reservoir, some times 1or 2 cups remain

George Clear - Reply

I have the same problem. It will not make a full 12 cups only 8. Leaves 4 cups in the full jug.

Corinm -

I am completely baffled by this new problem! My 12 cup Brewstation suddenly doesn't read that it's reservoir is full of water& ready to brew!!!! It keeps flashing a message saying "Pour Water" I have emptied and re-filled it at least 4 times and it automatically shuts off, beeps 3 times and the 'Pour Water" message appears. What is going on? The power light comes on but after only a few seconds, shuts off and disappears. I just cleaned it with the vinegar method (it worked perfectly then).

braultdenyse - Reply

After 5 years my brew station just quit making coffee at the speed I was used to, same thing a lot of people say. Clean signal, no or low water signal, well I liked this thing so much I bought another exactly like my old brew station on line. At first, my love was back! Made coffee just the way I expected it to. After just 3 months however, the same problems that took 5 years with my old one came back worse than they ever were with my old brew station. I love everything the brew station does when it works as advertised. $50 shot and if Hamilton Beach wanted to send me 10 replacements it would not be worth the aggravation. Too bad.

mrpski2001 - Reply

My burner is not getting hot my machine is only about 2 months old I used it everyday and I have cleaned it and still nothing is happening what could this be

Rebecca - Reply

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