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HTC OPM9200 Troubleshooting

When plugged into a power source the device fails to show signs of charging.

If this is the case, a faulty cable or power brick may be the reason. Kinks, bends, and wear over time may have damaged the cable and will need to be replaced. This device uses a MicroUSB plug which are common and may be available around the home for many other devices. If upon plugging a different devices cable in and there are signs of charging, then there is verification that the cable needs to be replaced.

If the cable is not the cause or the device came with a power adapter that does not have a removable cable you may need to also test the AC power brick. Test if this part is faulty by again plugging your device into another device’s power supply that uses a MicroUSB plug. If upon plugging a different devices cable in and there are signs of charging, then there is verification that the power brick or charging adapter needs to be replaced.

If the above fail to correct the issue we are out of easy options. The next step would be to look into replacing the charging port on the device. You can find information on doing just that in the replacement guides on this site! HTC OPM9200

When turning on the device the initial boot screen repeats without booting into user mode.

This method is safe to your data.

Occasionally the Android may become corrupted over time which may prevent proper operation of the device. If this issue occurs follow the steps below to clear the cache partition:

  1. Power off the device and wait 5 minutes while in the off state.
  2. Boot into Recovery Mode with the following:
  3. Hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons and continue doing so until the bootloader menu appears.
  4. From the menu choose RECOVERY
  5. Choose the Advanced option from the menu.
  6. Choose the Wipe dalvick cache option from the menu.
  7. The device should proceed to erase the data in the cache partition and reboot properly.

This method is NOT safe to your data.

Please be aware that following these procedures will completely reset the device to the factory defaults. Follow the steps below to factory reset your device:

  1. Power off the device and wait 5 minutes while in the off state.
  2. Choose the FACTORY RESET option from the menu.
  3. The device will now proceed to erase the data and restore to the factory defaults for the device and reboot properly.

The device fails to execute applications, but does respond to touches and button presses.

If the device responds to the power button, and the restart menu appears choose restart. This will restart the device and return you to a functioning user environment.

If the device fails to respond to the power button; press and hold the Power and Volume Up button for 10 to 15 seconds. The device will then restart to a properly functioning user environment.

When using this device and sending or receiving picture messages becomes an issue, it could be due to a few different factors.

Turn the power off and wait 30 seconds to turn the power back on. Then, try to resend the picture message.

The internet or network connection could be faulty due to poor service, data issues or no connection at all. When this occurs:

  • Enter the devices Settings > More > Data usage menu item.
  • Verify that mobile data is on. If not, then turn mobile data on.
  • Wi-Fi may interfere and prevent the message from being sent properly. Toggle the device's Wi-Fi off and then on.

The phone does not respond to any action performed on screen.

The device may have encountered and error with the touchscreen driver. Restart the device by holding the Power and Volume Up buttons for 10-15 seconds. The device will then restart.

Screen protectors may interfere with the proper operation of the touchscreen device. The thickness of the protector can cause touches on the device not to register properly if at all. Remove the screen protector from the device and try again.

The device's digitizer may be damaged and need to be replaced. The replacement for this can be found on this site! HTC OPM9200


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