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HTC Desire 816 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help readers figure out and solve problems involving their HTC Desire 816.

The phone is on but there is no display.

There is audio going on but you can’t see the screen with lighting around you. This could mean that your brightness is all the way down. You can find some shade or shine a light on the screen, open up settings, go to brightness, and change it so you can see the display more clearly.

You have a shattered screen from letting the device fall or dropping it by accident. If the cellphone has a crack on the screen, you would then need to replace the glass screen. You can do this by disassembling the phone as shown in (*repair guide link*) and replacing the screen with a new one which you can buy here(*link*).

There is a black dot or section on screen which could be dead pixels/lights or physical damage. To fix this you must disassemble the phone as shown in (*repair guide link*), and replace the screen as shown here(*repair guide link*).

You charge your phone time and time again but it is still dead.

You plug in your charger but there is no indication that your phone is charging or an error message pops up. This issue can be caused by loose wiring in the chargers’ wire itself. Bending the cable can cause the wiring inside to wear out and disconnect. You would then need to purchase a brand new charging cable which you may find here(*link*).

You have charged your phone to 100%, but the battery life wears out quickly. A faulty battery can be caused by overcharging the device. The temperature of the device can also affect the batteries performance and lifespan. The battery could be at the end of its lifetime. This could be a simple fix of replacing the battery. In order to do this you must open up the phone as shown in (*repair guide link*). If you don't already have a spare, you can find the proper battery for the Desire 816 here(*link*).

You have audio playing through the speaker but using headphones does not work.

Somehow water got into the port and now you can't hear audio from your headphones. Water damage can be fixed by putting device in a bag of rice for a few days or even using a Q-tip to absorb the water out of the port. If the port continues to not function then you must replace the port by disassembling the phone and replacing the port as shown in (*repair guide link*), and replace the driver(*repair guide link*).

You've plugged in your headphones, but the jack is a bit loose. A faulty driver can be caused by the wear and tear of reinserting the headphones into the jack. You must replace the driver by disassembling the phone as shown in (*repair guide link*), and replacing the driver at shown here(*repair guide link*) for it to function properly again.

You are pressing the volume buttons but they are stuck and the volume level keeps changing.

You try changing the volume, but the button stays pressed down causing the audio to stay really loud or on silent. A physically broken button or gunk build up are both possible causes to this problem. You can remove some gunk build up by blowing air around buttons, or by using a tooth-pick like object to scrape around the button. If that does not seem to help and the button is in fact broken, you then need to replace the button. You may follow (*repair guide link*) to do so.

You open the camera app but there is no image on display.

If an error code pops up after opening the camera app, we recommend closing out the app and then opening it back up. If that does not work, then restart the cellular device by holding down the power button, turn off, and then hold the power button to turn back on. As a last resort , we suggest saving all information on the device to a computer and factory resetting the device as shown here(*repair guide link*).

Your camera lens is broken or the glass is shattered. This issue is easily resolved by replacing the camera lens and shattered glass by following (*repair guide link*).


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asq12743 - Reply

Audio is not working, so outgoing cal is going, music is not auditable

Vijay Kumar - Reply

Not working properly my Phone HTC desire

moses surendra - Reply

Hellow! My HTC desire 816w won't turn on only vibrates when power on button pressed, also you can not enter recover mode. This happened after update software over wifi network.

Yustus ernest - Reply

Since 1.5 years not updating

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