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Hp Stream 7 either flashes low battery icon or does not boot up.

The battery in the Stream 7 is found to last about 7-8 hours according to consumer reviews and Amazon. While not the longest lasting battery in the tablet world, the Stream 7 may just be low on battery or “dead”. If the device is unresponsive or flashing the low battery icon, try charging the device with a micro USB charger.

If the device is low on battery and does not want to charge even when plugged in, the charger may be the problem, not the device. Make sure the charger is completely plugged into the wall outlet. If the micro USB charger is a two-piece charger, make sure both parts of the charger are attached to one another. At this point if the device still does not want to charge, the charger may be faulty and a new charger should be purchased.

If plugged into a charger and the Stream 7 still will not charge or stay on without a charger, there may be an issue with the battery. If this is the case, the battery may need to be replaced by a new one. See battery replacement guide.

Screen will not respond when touched or the screen has an unfamiliar display.

After being in use for a while, everything needs a little tender loving care. Screens are sensitive and require cleanings. Clean the screen with a soft towel and if need be, restart the device.

The screen may be unresponsive and black or flashing a low battery icon, proceed to plugging in the tablet and trying to charge it.

If it is a calibration issue, meaning where the physical touch is responding as if in a different location, there are 3rd party apps that can fix this issue, but none offered by Hp directly:

Although it has good reviews, beware of using 3rd party apps as they potentially can damage the device permanently. If the screen is completely unresponsive, you may need to take a look inside the device. See Screen replacement guide.

Unfortunately, there are no current methods of replacing individual pixels or areas of screen damage. Curing this problem will require an full screen replacement. See screen replacement guide.

Screens have been known to crack or come out if the tablet is dropped or damaged. If the screen appears to not lay flush into the rest of the device, the screen may simply need to be popped back into place. Cracks and other damage to the screen would result in needing a screen replacement. To do so, see screen replacement guide.

"Device has issues powering down or system processor displaying unfamiliar material."

Check to see if there is any unwanted dust etc. around the power button. If button appears clean and the device still will not power down when holding the power button the system board may be damaged. If so, see system board replacement guide.

If any sort of failure messages appear on the screen (ex. Bios Failure) try rebooting the device or restarting the processor. When powered back up and messages still appeared, the system board may be damaged. If so see system board replacement guide.

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