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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Touch screen does not work.

First, the system should be rebooted to see if the problem still persists. Press the power button to restart the computer and progress from there.

Visibly confirm that your screen has one or multiple cracks in it. If you've noticed cracks and have a spare screen for this device, begin replacing the screen using this replacement guide.

Power button pressed but laptop will not start.

Check that the battery is charged and/or the charging cord is plugged in. Try a different charging cord if possible.

Ensure that the power button functions properly and isn't jammed or broken.

If all else fails, the battery could’ve gone bad and needs to be replaced. To replace an old battery use this replacement guide.

The laptop is unable to save any more files, or is slow to pull up files

Navigate to the file explorer and check your current hard drive storage in the “my computer tab.” If the storage is full, you can either gain space by deleting files, transfer files to an external storage source, or upgrade the internal solid state hard drive using this replacement guide.

Speakers on the device are either not playing sound or playing corrupted sound

Ensure that the volume on the device is not muted or that the media is indeed playing the correct sound. A good way to test whether the audio issue is from the media file or from the computer is by alternating the sound output from the speakers to headphones. To do this, plug a pair of headphones into the headphone jack, play the audio file, and listen to the output from the headphones. If sound comes out of the headphones, the problem is with the device's speakers. You can replace them using this replacement guide.

The speakers on the device may be broken and replacement is required. To replace the speakers follow this replacement guide.

The back camera does not function properly

Try restarting the device and if the camera is still unresponsive or isn't functioning properly then it might be time to replace it. Begin replacing the back camera using this replacement guide.

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Laptop is not turning on and it get heated


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There is a single flash in capslock

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