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This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the HP ProBook 450 G3

The laptop will only turn on when plugged in, or won't turn on at all.

If when the power cable is plugged in and the charge indicator light does not come on, the cable itself may be the issue. In that case, the only option would be to replace the cable.

If the laptop functions normally when the power cable is plugged in, then the battery may be bad and need a replacement. To replace the battery in your laptop, please follow this guide.

When the laptop is on, it gets uncomfortably hot.

If the laptop gets hot in a short amount of time, there might be some dust buildup on the interior of the device. To clean the interior of the laptop, follow this guide for help accessing the internals.

When the laptop is on, it's continuously or intermittently making strange noise.

If the laptop is unusually hot and there is a rattling sound, the cooling fan could be dusty or needs to replace. To replace or clean the fan please follow this guide.

If the laptop is making noise while reading a CD, the CD drive needs to be repair or replaced. To replace the CD drive for the computer, click here.

Though rare, the computer’s hard drive could have dust inside. Dust inside the computer usually occurs with slowdown or crashes while using the computer. If this is the case, the computer’s hard-drive must be replaced. To do so, click here.

When the laptop is playing music or video, there is no sound coming out.

There might be large debris in the headphone that is making the computer think headphones are plugged in. To fix this examine the headphone jack and look for large objects in the way. If there is debris, take a clean pin and carefully remove the debris.

If the sound is distorted, the audio driver for the computer may not be installed correctly. To fix this hold the Windows key and press “X.” Select “Device Manager” from the box that appears. Click the arrow next to “Software, video and game controllers.” Then right-click on “Conexant HD Audio Driver” and select “update.”

If there are no headphones plugged in to the laptop and the audio still isn’t working, then the speakers need to be replaced. To do so, please click here.

The power button is no longer turning on the computer.

If the computer isn’t charged or is out of battery, plug in the cord included with the computer.

If the computer will only turn on when the cord is plugged in, even after charging for at least two hours, then battery must be replaced. For instructions on how to do that, please click here.

If the computer powers on, but gets stuck loading before the home-screen, then this is a likely cause. To fix this, get a disk copy of the current version of Windows and place it in the disc drive of the computer. Press the key when prompted to so and follow the steps provided by the disc.

If the computer was acting slow before not being able to turn on, this is a possible cause. The computer may not have enough space for normal operation or may have bad sectors. The hard drive must be replaced. To do so follow the guide here.

If the computers is slow during tasks or makes beeping sounds during startup the computer’s RAM may need to be upgraded or replaced. The computers RAM needs to be replaced or upgraded. The problem occurs because the BIOS needs enough RAM to function. For instructions on adding and/or replacing RAM this guide.

If all other options have failed, the mother board may need to be replaced. If there were large issues such as crashes or bluescreens before the computer stopped working, this is likely the cause. In some rare cases the motherboard must be replaced. Please ensure you have exhausted all other options before doing this. To do so please follow this guide.

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My HP ProBook 455 G3 Notebook PC is has a corrupted OS. I had it checked at Best Buy and they diagnosed it and told me to get the disc in order to download, as suggested on this site. Do you know where I can get this disc?

Thanks so much

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