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HP Pavilion zv5000 Troubleshooting

The laptop is powered on, but the screen is black.

Try holding the "Fn" key and simultaneously press the "F8" key to increase the screen brightness until the display is visible. If this does not work, try closing and reopening the laptop, making sure that the Pavilion is powered on.

If the brightness is not the problem, there might be something wrong with the display cable. The display cable could be damaged or have a loose connection to the system board. Follow theHP Pavilion zv 5000 Screen Replacement Guide to access the display cable. Check for bent pins on the cable. If the pins are not the problem, replace the display cable.

If the display cable is not the culprit, you might have a problem with your screen. Try replacing the entire screen using the HP Pavilion zv5000 Screen Replacement Guide.

The laptop keyboard does not respond when keys are pressed.

Check to make sure the keyboard is properly connected to the motherboard using the HP Pavilion zv5000 Keyboard Replacement Guide.

If you know the keyboard connection is good, try replacing the whole keyboard by following the HP Pavilion zv5000 Keyboard Replacement Guide.

There is no more available space on your hard drive to save files.

Right click one of your hard drives in the computer window and select "Properties". Then, select the "Disk Cleanup" button in the properties window. Select the files that you would like to delete and click "Okay". This will allow you to free up space on your hard drive if it is full by deleting insignificant files.

If your hard drive is not full but files are still not saving, try replacing the hard drive using the HP Pavilion zv5000 Hard Drive Replacement Guide.

The laptop is not producing sound.

Try clicking on the speaker button in the bottom right part of your screen. Make sure you do not have your volume muted or turned down really low.

First try to test the audio through the computer, then through a pair of headphones. If the audio is only faulty through the headphones, then there is a problem with your headphone jack. Choppy audio is a sign of a loose headphone jack. Check to see if the headphone jack is plugged in all the way.

If all else fails and the audio will not work with or without the headphones, then you will need to replace your speakers with our HP Pavilion zv5000 Speaker Replacement Guide.

The laptop will not power on.

Make sure that the charger is plugged both in to the port of the laptop as well as an outlet securely. If not charging, try another outlet to verify power source.

Make sure that the charger is plugged into the laptop and the Pavilion recognizes the power connection. Check to see if there is visible debris in the battery socket and clean accordingly.

If the charging cable is functioning and there is no debris in the battery socket, follow theHP Pavilion zv5000 Battery Replacement Guide.


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