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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Have problems listening to sound on the computer.

The computer audio is lagging from what is on Video Playback resulting in a video not properly integrated with the motion picture. The problem arises from the computer’s capabilities to deliver the required performance for video playback. Depending on the resolution and frame rate, the video might experience not being synchronized based on the computer’s capabilities. In addition to the selected Windows Vista power management scheme also reducing the computer’s performance.

If distorted audio is coming from the computer’s speaker then the laptop’s audio driver may be the dilemma. Installing an updated audio driver will help with the distorted audio. Click start and select Device Manager to start with the update of the new audio driver. On the Device Manager window, click on the Sound, video and game controllers link and then click the Update Driver Software. Allow the update to install then restart the computer.

The computer will not operate or respond.

The laptop is not able to turn on or is turning off suddenly may have a faulty battery. To check if the battery is the root cause of the problems just check the health of the battery. Go to the HP Battery Health Center so the program can give an accurate status if the battery will Pass, Fail, or Calibrate.

If the laptop is not charging properly it might be because of a faulty power adapter. To check if the power adapter is fully functional, a power adapter test must be performed. Start by disconnecting the AC power adapter cord and remove the battery. Press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds to discharge the notebooks system capacitors. Next, connect the AC adapter to a working power outlet and connect it to the notebook. Press the Power button to turn on the notebook and if the PC does not start, then the AC adapter is not functioning properly.

Mouse arrow on screen will not move when finger is traced on touch pad.

A HP Pavilion ze4530US has a on/off button for your touch pad. Make sure the touchpad is on. The indicator light will be off if the touchpad is off. Make sure the light is on.

Restart your computer. Attempt using the touchpad. If touchpad continues to not track it can be replaced. Replace using the following guide.

No letters are typed on screen when keys are pressed.

Restart your computer. Attempt to use your keyboard again. If keyboard is still unresponsive the keyboard may need to be replaced completely. To replace keyboard you must first remove existing keyboard.

The laptop’s keyboard maybe uninstalled through settings. In Windows, search and open Device Manager. Click View and select Show Hidden Devices.Click the arrow next to Keyboards, then right click on the keyboard device name and select uninstall to remove the device from Windows. Next, restart your device.

CD/DVD can not drive or play.

When nothing happens in Windows when a disc is inserted into the drive,the drive might not be detected in Windows. Check if the CD/DVD drive is recognized in Device Manager. Click start, and enter Device Manager into the Search field. Click device manager. You will see many options; Double-click DVD/CD-ROM drives. If a name for a CD/DVD drive is not listed in Device Manager refer to the HP support document.

One possible reason for a non-responsive CD/DVD drive is AutoPlay being turned disabled. If AutoPlay is set to take no action when discs are inserted or if AutoPlay is not enabled, nothing may happen when a disc is inserted. Click start, and then click default programs. Click change audio settings. Check Use AutoPlay for all media and devices if it’s not checked, then save it.


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