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HP Pavilion x360 11-p110nr Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you determine problems with the HP Pavilion x360 model number 11-p110nr. Released in 2015.

Computer will not turn on ¶ 

The computer would not start by pushing the power button.

Battery malfunction ¶ 

Make sure the battery is plugged properly and that there is nothing disturbing the current flow from the battery into the computer. If the computer still does not work, then the battery needs to be replaced.

Faulty Adapter ¶ 

Make sure the adapter is plugged into a functioning outlet. If the computer does not charge, then the adapter needs to be replaced.

Laptop display keeps jiggling ¶ 

The display jiggles when you open or close the screen.

Display hinges are loose ¶ 

You can tighten the hinges with this guide.

Replacing display hinges ¶ 

If your hinges are broken, you can replace your hinges using this guide.

Device overheating ¶ 

Device shuts off randomly and feels significantly warmer than usual.

Broken Fan Blades ¶ 

If the laptop is not blowing air, then the blades may have broken. You can replace them using this guide.

Dusty Fan ¶ 

The fan has slowed down or has stopped spinning causing the computer to heat up and make noises. This may indicate that the fan has encountered a blockage due to dust.

Clean the fan using an air canister. Follow the instructions in this guide to remove the keyboard, then use the Air Canister to blow directly onto the fan.

Computer running slow ¶ 

The Computer runs slower than usual, especially when opening or closing software.

Computer running low on RAM ¶ 

If you are running low on RAM, you can either replace any malfunctioned RAM through these steps or uninstall any unused software that consumes your RAM.

Hard drive damaged ¶ 

When the hard drive is deteriorating, data starts to corrupt. To replace your hard drive follow this guide.


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