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HP Pavilion g6-1b79dx Troubleshooting

This is a troubleshooting page for the HP Pavilion g6-1b79dx laptop to help address any issues that you may be having your laptop.

You cannot get your laptop to turn on.

If the laptop won't turn on, you may have a drained battery. Plug in the charger to the device. It may take up to 30 minutes for your laptop to be charged enough to turn on.

If your Laptop's battery is faulty you will need to buy a new battery for your laptop. If this is the case, your battery will need to be replaced.

You plug in the charger and the laptop won't charge.

Make sure your charger is plugged in to an outlet, and that all other components of the charger are connect properly.

Components of the charger may be worn or broken. Check the charger chord, computer connector, and wall plug for visible wear. Buy a new charger if these components seem to be broken.

If your Laptop's battery is faulty you will need to buy a new battery for your laptop. If this is the case, your battery will need to be replaced.

No picture is displayed on the screen.

Try turning on the laptop or performing a hard reset of the device.

Try using a different AC power adapter to charge the laptop. You could also try completely removing the battery, as shown in this guide, and running on solely AC power.

Your laptop is on and running when it suddenly turns off.

Plug your charger into the laptop to restore power to the device.

Clean or replace the fan. To reach the laptop fan, use this guide.

You are using your laptop, when your screen freezes on one image.

See overheating page below.

Check the power supply or check to see if any capacitors are bulging or leaking. Replace them if they are.

Replace the RAM using this guide.

Replace the hard drive using this guide.

The keyboard will not type properly.

Take the keyboard apart using this guide. Isolate the jam and use compressed air to unjam it. Reassemble the keyboard.

Shake out debris or use compressed air to blow particles. If this doesn't work then you may need to replace the keyboard using this guide.

The laptop performs actions very slowly.

Start by reseting your wireless router and modem. If that doesn't work, you may need to contact your wireless provider.

The laptop is very hot to the touch.

==== Laptop overuse ===

If the laptop is used for an extensive period of time or performs many things at once it may get hot - and potentially be damaged. Close large programs and let the laptop sit unused for about 10 minutes.

Find the fan using this guide and clean or replace it.

Purchase a new battery to replace your current one. To remove the battery, use this guide.

No sound will come out from your laptop

Press the volume plus key to increase the loudness.

Press the mute button to un-mute the laptop.

Many videos and songs that can be played on a laptop have their own volume dial. Check if that dial is low or muted.

Use this guide to locate and replace the speakers.

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I have HP pavilion g6 and I upgraded it in core i5 with AMD 2gb graphics but when I play game it said please upgrade your driver but when I go to the website to upgrade my driver it say there is no update available. Please help

Naveen Meena - Reply

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