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HP Pavilion dv6500 Troubleshooting

The HP Pavilion dv6500 is a consumer notebook with a stylish case and 2GB of RAM.

Keyboard Issues ¶ 

Keyboard keys do not behave as expected

Unresponsive Keys in Keyboard ¶ 

Often times this is a result of crumbs or other small debris getting stuck between your keyboard key and the mechanical function.

Non responsive keys can also be the result of a driver issue. Sometimes third party software downloaded on your machine can have unintended consequences that changes your drivers. Turning off your computer without using the proper Shut Down command also causes this issue.

Pressing Key Results Repeats the Same Function Repeatedly ¶ 

The key is likely stuck. Often times sticky substances are spilled or tracked onto keyboards causing the mechanical press of the key to be held down. This results in repeated functions such as continuously typing the letter corresponding to the key pressed.

Pressing Key Results in the Wrong Function Being Activated ¶ 

If your keyboard is not outputting the correct characters you are typing, make sure you check your input language settings. Having the incorrect language selected may result in different functionality than you are expecting.

Monitor is not Functioning ¶ 

The laptop screen shows a distorted or incorrect picture

Monitor Does Not Turn on When Powered Up ¶ 

Make sure your device is not in sleep mode. When a computer is in sleep mode it often shuts off the screen to conserve power. Try waking it by pressing buttons. If problems persist try powering down the machine and restarting.

There may be an issue with the video card or motherboard. A simple way to test this is to connect an external display via whichever method you prefer and check the screen then. If the screen displays externally but not on your computer, it is likely a video card or motherboard issue.

Check to see if the brightness setting on your monitor is turned all the way down.

“Cracked” or “Split” screen ¶ 

Cracked and split screens are typically the result of physical trauma and require the installation of a replacement screen.

RAM Not Working ¶ 

If the RAM isnt working, it could be a software issue.

If the cards are not physically working, there is a chance they may have come loose in their sockets and need to be put back in place.

If they are still in place, there is a chance that they need to be replaced with new, compatible cards.


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