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HP Pavilion dm4-2015dx Troubleshooting

Released May 2010, identified by model number dm4-2015dx.

The Computer will not power up

First thing is to make sure the batery isn't dead. If it is, plug in your working adapter and wait a few seconds and try to power on your device. Replace using this guide if it doesnt work.

First thing is to check if the adapter is isn’t the problem. Make sure it’s plugged in and if it is make sure the light is on (if there's any). If the adapter is found to be at fault, consider purchasing a replacement adapter.

Also confirm the AC adapter is a genuine HP part.

You hear nothing when playing audio or video

A few things you may want to do is test using the Microsoft Sound Troubleshooter in the OS, check computer headphone connector and volume settings when troubleshooting sound. It may also be a good idea to restore the speakers back to their default settings. May even consider restoring/updating the audio driver.

pressing keys does nothing

Replace using this guide

Make sure the filter keys in your keyboard settings is off

When the keyboard does nothing when keys are being pressed, try replacing using this guide

When a key physically stuck in a position, replacing the whole keyboard may not be ideal. Instead, you are going to have to fix it by simply removing keys and making sure nothing is stuck below.

Replace using this guide

Device won’t load, instead you get error messages

If your computer does not boot there may be an issue with your hard drive. Removing and resetting the hard drive can solve most of these hard drive errors. If not, replace using this guide

Disk boot failure, non-system disk error, and os not found are some errors you may receive and it is usually involves the hard drive. Some minor things you can to do:


  • Remove any CDs or DVDs.
  • Power off the computer.
  • Turn on computer again and press F10 to enter BIOS Setup.
  • Press the F9 key to restore Bios to default settings.
  • Turn on computer again and press F10 to enter BIOS Setup.
  • Press the F9 key to restore Bios to default settings.
  • Use the right arrow key to select the Diagnostics menu, use Down Arrow key to select primary Hard Disk Self Test. If it fails you may have to replace your hard drive using this guide. However if all test passes, restart the computer with any luck there won't be anymore error messages.

While using the laptop, it will shut off without any notice.

Computers can overheat due to dust in the fan. To fix this, remove dust and lint by cleaning vents. Doing this should fix overheating issues but if it doesn't, a few things that can be done are as follows:

  • Ensure there are proper space for ventilation
  • Make sure the device is resting on a flat hard surface
  • Consider updating the bios and or using HP CoolSense technology


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