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HP OfficeJet 4650 Troubleshooting

This page provides troubleshooting information for potential problems with the HP Officejet 4650.

Device Won’t Power On ¶ 

The device does not respond when the power button is pressed.

Faulty Power Cord Connection ¶ 

Make sure the device is connected to a working power outlet. Test the outlet with other electronic devices, and see if it works fine with them. If the power outlet is working properly, there might be other problems with the printer.

Faulty Power Button ¶ 

Check that the power button clicks when you press it because the button might be stuck. If this is the case, you will need to clean the power button from the inside. You can refer the Power Button Replacement guide for instructions on accessing the button.

If the above solution does not get the power button to work, there is a possibility that the power button will need to be replaced. Refer to the Power Button Replacement guide if needed.

Printing Stops in the Middle of Print Job ¶ 

The device starts a print job, but does not finish it.

Paper Jam ¶ 

The printer may show an error message if there is a paper jam. If the message occurs, remove all of the paper from the paper tray. Slowly remove the jammed paper to avoid tearing and make sure no pieces are left behind.

If the paper jam is internal, make sure to turn off the printer by unplugging the power cord. Then, lift the scanner glass door to reveal the ink cartridges and the inner paper jam. To avoid tearing, make sure to use both hands to remove the jammed paper.

Loss of Power ¶ 

If the printer loses power while printing, check that the power cord is properly inserted into the printer and the power outlet.

Device Only Prints Blank Pages ¶ 

The printed pages do not have anything on them.

Faulty Ink Cartridges ¶ 

The following can be related to printing problems:

Low or Empty Ink Cartridge(s) ¶ 

  • To make sure there is ink in the printer, press the ink icon (looks like a water droplet) on the control panel (on the touchscreen) to show the estimated ink levels. If the black or tri-color cartridge is low, refer to this YouTube video to replace the low or empty cartridge(s). If the problem continues, move on to the next possible cause.

Wrong Ink Cartridge Brand ¶ 

  • If you are not using genuine HP ink cartridges, the printer can encounter a compatibility problem with the cartridge(s). Replace the cartridges with HP cartridges to see if the problem continues. For instructions on replacing ink cartridges, refer to this YouTube video.

Clogged Ink Cartridge ¶ 

  • If you are using HP ink cartridges and the ink levels are not low, then there may be some dry ink on the ink outlet on the cartridge. Ink can dry up and clog the ink cartridge outlet if the printer is not used at least once a week. This can also happen if the printer is not turned off when it is not being used.
  • The clogged cartridge can cause the printed page to show missing color(s) or nothing at all. For instructions on removing dry ink found on the outlet of the ink cartridge, refer to this website.

Wireless Printing Not Working ¶ 

The printer won’t print a wireless print job.

Soft Reset is Due ¶ 

If the printer will not print a wireless print job, performing a soft reset (restarting all devices) may resolve the issue. Unplug your printer, Wi-Fi modem, and Wi-Fi router. Wait 20 seconds and then plug everything back in. Allow all devices to turn on. You may need to press the power button located on the left-hand side of the printer to turn it on. Wait for all lights on the router and modem to turn on before trying to reconnect to the internet.

Printer is Not Connected to the Internet ¶ 

To connect to the internet, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the printer on.
  2. On the screen, tap the Wi-Fi symbol (looks like a stick with two half circles coming out from the left and right sides).
  3. Tap the settings icon (looks like a gear or flower).
  4. Tap “Wireless Setup Wizard”.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish setting up the Wi-Fi.

Wireless Connection is Not Working ¶ 

Make sure that both your Wi-Fi modem and router are connected and running. To verify that the Wi-Fi is working, test your internet connection on another device. If your Wi-Fi modem or router do not have lights on them, unplug them both and plug them back into the power outlet after waiting 20 seconds. If the modem and/or router do not turn back on, check to see if the power outlets are functioning by plugging in another device. To test the Wi-Fi connection, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the printer on.
  2. On the screen, tap the Wi-Fi symbol (looks like a stick with two half circles coming out from the left and right sides).
  3. Tap the settings icon (looks like a gear or flower).
  4. Tap “Print Reports”.
  5. Tap “Wireless Test Report”.

The Printer’s Wi-Fi is Off ¶ 

Your printer may have its Wi-Fi capability turned off. To turn this function on, first make sure that the printer is powered on. After the printer is turned on, tap the Wi-Fi symbol on the touchscreen (looks like a stick with two half circles coming out from the left and right sides), tap the settings icon (looks like a gear or flower), then tap “Wireless” to turn the Wi-Fi capability on.

  • Note: If the printer is not yet connected to a Wi-Fi network, turning the Wi-Fi capability on will launch the “Wireless Setup Wizard.” If you need to connect to the Wi-Fi, follow the instructions on the screen after launching the Wireless Setup Wizard.

Printer Driver or Firmware is Outdated ¶ 

The printer driver and firmware may need to be updated. For this printer, updates can be found on the HP website. Make sure to select the correct operating system and version in the drop-down menus to download updates. You will see the sections “Driver” and “Firmware.” Click on the plus sign on the right of each section to expand the options and then click the blue “Download” button on each section to update your printer. After downloading the files, launch the installer and follow the instructions. You may have to restart your computer, as well as your printer, so make sure to save any files you are currently working on.

Unresponsive Touchscreen ¶ 

The printer’s touchscreen is not responding.

Cracked or Shattered Screen ¶ 

If your screen is cracked or shattered, it may not respond as expected. For instructions on replacing the printer’s touchscreen, refer to the Touchscreen Replacement Guide.

Frozen Screen ¶ 

If the screen is frozen, try restarting the printer. You may also want to restart the printer if the screen stays black or has horizontal lines. To restart the printer, unplug the printer from the power outlet, wait 20 seconds, then reconnect the plug to see if the screen turns on. If the screen does not respond after restarting the printer, the screen may need to be replaced. You can follow the Touchscreen Replacement Guide for instructions on replacing the touchscreen.

Outdated Firmware ¶ 

It is possible that the firmware needs to be updated. For this printer, updates can be found on this HP website. Select the correct operating system and version in the drop-down menus to download updates.


When making a copy it acts like it is scanning which takes forever. Most printers making copies is a quick activity. Is this normal on a 4650?

Bill Pepito - Reply

Getting an error code that HP claims doesn’t exist. Well, there it is on the screen!

Code is:


Would like to find out what it means.

Casey Daniels - Reply

4650 only prints the test page. Test page appears faded and indistinct. Prints blank pages when trying to print anything else.

Sam Wood - Reply

My print has a error code OXBAF_13430

Montel - Reply

My HP office jet4650 has a ERROR code OXBAF_13430 Help please.

Montel - Reply

the cartridge latch came off. How do I put it back in?

Menachem Shoham - Reply

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