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HP G62-340US Troubleshooting

This is the troubleshooting page for the HP G62-340US laptop. Please look below to see troubleshooting solutions

No Power ¶ 

"Nothing happens when you press the power button"

Faulty AC Adapter ¶ 

First, you have to ensure your AC adapter is a genuine HP part and it is supported HP accessory for your computer. If the AC adapter light near the notebook power port won’t turn on after you plug the power cord into the wall outlet, that is the issue with your AC adapter. You probably have some physical damage on your AC adapter, cords or cables. If it is some serious damage that cannot be fixed, you should consider purchasing a replacement adapter.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the computer won’t turn on in the condition that your AC adapter works perfectly, it is probably your battery has lost its capacity to hold a charge. In this case, you have to consider purchasing a new battery and replace it by following our replacement guide.

Keyboard/Keys Not Responding ¶ 

"Pressing keys does nothing"

Keyboard Is Not Working ¶ 

If the entire keyboard is not responding, check our replacement guide for the keyboard to fix it.

Keys Are Stuck ¶ 

If a key is physically stuck in the down position, there might be some liquid or substance getting into the keyboard. To fix this, you need to carefully remove the key by following our replacement guide and clean the underside of the key by using a swab. Once you are done the cleaning, replace the key by snapping it back into place.

Keys Are Missing ¶ 

If a key is missing, you need to find an identical key and put it on the keyboard by following our replacement guide.

Overheating ¶ 

“Fans become louder, laptop restarts unexpectedly and functions strangely”

Dust and Lint In Vents ¶ 

Accumulation of dust inside the laptop is the most common cause to overheating. To fix this, you have to find and clean all the vents. Using a can of compressed air is the best suited choice for the cleaning, just make sure to only press the button in short bursts and make sure the nozzle does not get too close to the components, as the pressure can cause damage if you are not careful.

Hardware Failure ¶ 

If your vents are thoroughly cleaned and your computer is not placed in an extremely hot temperature, it might be hardware problems causing overheating. Then you need to use diagnostic software to test the computer and see if any hardware has failed. If a failed hardware has been found, you have to replace the bad component using our replacement guide.

No Sound ¶ 

“You hear nothing from the speakers”

Faulty External Speakers ¶ 

First, you have to make sure your external headphones or speakers are pairable with your laptop and fully inserted in your laptop. If you still hear no sound only when you are using external speakers, then the problem might come from your speakers. You should try using another set of speakers. If the second set of speakers works perfectly, then the first set of speakers is definitely faulty.

Faulty Driver ¶ 

It also could be faulty audio driver causing this problem. In this case, you should restore the original audio driver for the device. To restore the audio drive, first you need to do is searching and opening HP Recover Manager in Windows. Next, click the Reinstall drivers and/or applications option in the window popped on your screen. Then select the audio driver in the list, click install and wait for the installation to be completed. After installation and restarting your computer, your problem is solved.

Faulty Headphone/Audio Jack ¶ 

An alternate issue could be that the computer's jack is faulty or broken in some way, but make sure that you have tested the previous possible fixes first, as otherwise diagnosis can be difficult. If neither of the above is the issue, then the jack is most likely where the problem lies. Follow our guide on how to replace the headphone jack for more information.

No Display ¶ 

“You see a totally black screen”

Cracked, Scratched or Broken Screen ¶ 

If your screen is totally black, but you still can hear your computer running and see the light on the keyboard after you turn on your computer, that means you have a cracked, scratched or broken screen. You may not notice any issues with your screen because it is not the plastic covering on the outside of screen that normally breaks and matters the most, but the two inner layers of glass. In this situation, you have to consider purchasing a new screen and replace it by following our replacement guide.


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