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HP G60T-600 CTO Troubleshooting

It takes a long time for programs to start, programs are running slowly, or the mouse skips across the screen.

This will cause the computer to shut down completely, so make sure that any unsaved work is saved before you do this.

Hold down the power button, the computer will completely shutdown (instead of entering sleep mode). Wait a minute, then turn the computer back on by pressing the power button once. This may fix the issue.

If you have a lot of programs running at once, your computer may not have enough memory to support them. Try running only a few things at a time, your computer's performance should increase.

Your computer may be running slowly because there is not enough RAM (Random Access Memory) to run all of the programs you want to run simultaneously. You can add another RAM stick easily using this guide.

I am running out of space on my computer, I cannot download anything new or create any new files.

You can swap the hard drive currently in your computer with a hard drive with more space. This guide shows you how to remove your old hard drive and install a new one.

Your hard drive may be faulty. To avoid losing your files, save them to an external device and replace your hard drive.

I opened/tried to use my computer and the screen will not turn on.

We would recommend proceeding with caution in this case, since this screen does contain mercury. Consider taking your device to a professional for repair.

You can easily check this by turning the device over and seeing if the battery is in the device. If you are not confident in the integrity of your battery, plug your device into an outlet using the charger that came with your device. Press the power button and your screen should turn on.

Your device may just be in sleep mode. To start using it again, press the power button and wait for the screen to turn on.

I am trying to type and nothing is happening/some of my keys are stuck.

If the keyboard is not working all, you can easily replace it using the following guide .

To replace a key on your keyboard, first, use a tool such as a screwdriver to gently pry the key off of the keyboard. Then, dampen a microfiber cloth with isopropyl alcohol and clean the key you just took off, also the spot where the key was. Snap the key back in place and trying typing.

I'm pressing the power button and nothing is happening

Your laptop may just need to be charged. Trying plugging it in using the charger that came with the device and pressing the power button.

Your charger may be working fine, but the outlet you are using isn't. Try another outlet.

Sometimes your stock charger, the one that comes with the computer, will be faulty/stop working abruptly. Try using another charger of the same specifications as the one that came with the device to charge your computer.

After ensuring the laptop battery is charged and the computer still isn't turning on, try replacing your power button using this guide.


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