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HP Envy 17-J013CL Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting guide will provide information on some issues with the HP Envy 17-J013CL.

Blue Screen of Death ¶ 

Laptop crashed to the point it gives the dreaded Blue Screen? Here's some tips to alleviate that.

Update Drivers ¶ 

Make sure that all drivers are up to date to the most current version. Look from the official manufacturer's website to find the secure drivers in case they are not available on the computer.

System Restore ¶ 

Use a system restore as a last resort if other options do not work. Be warned that system restoring your laptop will send it back to a previous point in the computer's timeline. Any files, documents, or any forms of media created after the point chosen will be deleted so make sure all important documents are secured off the computer via cloud service or flash drive.

Check For Malware ¶ 

Use your anti-virus to scan for any hazardous malware on the system. If there any alerts, remove them immediately and perform a restart afterward. Consider having the anti-virus check every other day to a weekly basis to ensure the system is secure.

Cannot Connect To Wi-Fi ¶ 

For some reason the internet just does not want to connect... here's some tips to could fix that!

Do A Restart ¶ 

Go ahead and give the laptop a system restart. Just hit the restart button in the start menu and wait for it to come back. Sometimes leaving the laptop on for too long causes the internet to just cut out. Restart the laptop frequently!

Use The Windows Internet Troubleshooter ¶ 

Perhaps the restart did not fix the connection issue. Go to "Network and Sharing Center" located at the bottom-right next to the clock. Run a diagnostic and the laptop will restart the wi-fi application to fix the issue or give the error report. Follow the steps and see if that fixes the issue.

Check The Router And/Or Modem ¶ 

Sometimes it is not the laptop that is giving an issue with the wi-fi, just check out the modem or router! Sometimes giving that a quick restart should fix the overall issue with the internet. If there is an issue here, contact your internet service provider.

Battery Not Holding Charge ¶ 

Battery going bad? Not wanting to charge or hold it? Here's some possible solutions!

Faulty Charger ¶ 

Plug the charger into an outlet and check to see if it is working properly. If the light is not on, consider getting a new charger. Chargers will eventually become faulty and die.

Dead Battery ¶ 

If the charger is having a flow of power going, but there is no indication that the battery is charging, check the battery. See if it is connected properly and not hanging out from the secure points on the laptop and firmly inserted inside the housing. If all this is fine but there is no charge going into it, the battery is most likely dead. Another way of knowing this is when the computer does not turn on when the charger is disconnected.

Run an UEFI Hardware Diagnostic Test ¶ 

Running this test off of the HP Customer Support website should give the computer a checkup on the current hardware, including the battery. If there are any issues showing up here with the battery, follow the steps or consider replacing the battery.

Screen Is Frozen ¶ 

Frozen screen? No mouse movement? Here's a thing or two to fix this!

Reset The Computer ¶ 

Restarting the computer typically fixes any issue. Just give it a quick restart via the start menu and check if it works when it turns back on.

Check The Anti-Virus ¶ 

Sometimes the anti-virus programs hiccup and cause an issue with the computer's functions and overloads. Run a virus check and see if there are any malware causing problems with the laptop.

Update Drivers ¶ 

Check to see if the drivers on the laptop are up to date. If drivers are out of date for too long, the efficiency and longevity of the laptop diminishes. Keep it up to date and see if this fixes any lingering issues or it just stops freezing entirely.

Clean Air Vents ¶ 

Always keep the air vents clear of any debris or any blockage. Overheating laptops can pose harm to the laptop as it cannot regulate heat.

Run The Hardware Diagnostic Test ¶ 

Run the hardware test off of the HP Customer Support website. With this, check to see if there are any hardware issues with the computer because if the computer freezes constantly, there may be some underlying issues with the hardware.

Device Is On But No Images Appear ¶ 

Is the screen too dark or too bright? Is there just no display at all? Here's some things to help!

Check Brightness ¶ 

If the screen is too dark, hold down the fn key on the keyboard and press f10 repeatedly. This will brighten up the screen.

If it is too bright, hold down the fn key on the keyboard and press f9 repeatedly. This will dim down the screen.

Check Presentation Mode ¶ 

If the screen is black, there may be the chance it was set into presentation mode. More specifically, projector mode. If it is stuck in projector mode, hold down the windows key and press P. Press this sequence a few times and then hit enter to see if the display changes.

Dead Display ¶ 

Get another monitor from a computer and connect it to the laptop and attempt the previous step again. This should show up the screen on the new monitor and makes it easier to get back to the main monitor on the laptop.

No Display On Screen ¶ 

If the previous tips do not work, there could be a hardware issue. Consider doing repairs or getting the laptop repaired to get the screen fixed. Consider replacing the display.


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