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HP Compaq 6510b Troubleshooting

A 14.1 inch laptop focused on providing user with a great business experience. Released in 2007 retailing at $999.

Laptop screen has strange smears and it makes a buzzing sound

This buzzing sound happens often from the fluorescent lights that are in the laptop. This is an easy fix try shifting the lighting to lower and see if it is still making the noise. If it continues then it means that there is an issue with the bulbs. Check your warranty and go to a local electronic shop and have it replaced

If there is a black dot or smudge underneath your screen it means you have dead pixel. It is not a big deal if the pixel is dead it is only physical malfunction and won't interfere with the computer itself. There isn't much you can do for this situation. You can try waiting, sometimes the pixels fix themselves or you can get it professionally fixed. If you want to fix it at home then you can try using software undeadpixel 2.2 to get the pixels to move. By following the directions that the software gives you it should begin to work if it doesn't then you need to bring it in.

Laptop does not power on when plugged in or when powered on separately

If you see any faint images on the screen or hear the fans of the laptop spinning then the issue is most likely with your screen and not your power supply. If you can not hear or see anything that would make you think that the laptop is on, then hardware related to your power might be faulty.

First check the physical connections between the laptop and the power supply to ensure your power supply is correctly plugged in. If everything is connected correctly and the laptop still does not power up try using a different outlet.

If you still have not luck remove your battery pack from the laptop that is located underneath it. Wait a few minutes and put the battery back in ensuring that it is properly placed and secure.

If none of these things work then your motherboard is most likely broken in some way and may need replacing, check your warranty and make sure it is not expired before attempting to repair it or replace it yourself.

Faulty hardware out of the factory is uncommon but definitely possible. It is more likely that you may be getting issues due to other hardware attached to your hardware but if nothing else works your motherboard could have suffered from a short circuit, water damage, or something of the like. If so check your warranty status because this is a difficult problem to repair with a laptop on your own.

If a logo of battery is flashing on the screen it is indicating that it is out of battery and it need to be plugged into an outlet to charge.

If the computer wont turn on unless it is plugged into an outlet this means your battery is fried and needs to be replaced. This can be easily done by ordering a new battery. Once you order it flip the computer over look for the two prongs and push them in the opposite direction until the battery makes a click sound. Slide the battery out and insert the new battery by sliding it into the slot. It is in once it makes a click sound.

Laptop is performing slower than usual and at times crashes

If your laptop physically feels warm or hot to the touch then your CPU (along with other components) are under stress. This may be due to multiple demanding applications being open on your computer. Try closing windows that you don’t need in order to get the CPU to cool down and relieve its workload.

Also make sure any vents on the laptop are not blocked as this would prevent airflow and cause overheating. An aerosol can come in handy to clear any dust that may be stuck in tight places.

It is very unlikely but it is possible for a CPU to fail completely and need replacement. As long as your CPU has not suffered any power spikes or severe overheating it should just need to cool down or be reset by restarting your computer.

Every time you hand touches the hard drive area it is burning hot

If you touch the area where your hard drive is located and it feels very hot, it might be due to overcapacity of the hard drive meaning you might be running too many demanding applications on your laptop PC or your computer is now well ventilated due to the fans either being covered or malfunctioning.

What you can do to resolve this issue is to start by clearing anything that might be covering the fans and if after some time it doesn’t cool down, you need to go into your task manager by pressing the keys “ctrl” + “alt” +”delete” on your keyboard and then under the list of options, click on Task Manager and this should open up a window with all the applications currently running. To close an application you don’t want running, you need to right click on the selected option and choose “end task” to close the application. Wait a couple minutes and check to see if this option helped both the fans and the heating problem.

If you can’t find a solution to your hard drive problem, you can keep in mind that it could also be a manufacturing error meaning that the hard drive was built but not tested by the manufacturer for any faults which is why it may have worked corrected for some time but started failing after a while.

To resolve with this issue, you might want to contact the manufacturer or the place where you got the device and ask for a refund or a replacement.

You noticed slower response time and random crashes on your computer

You might be working on a program today and the next time you open try to open it , you get a message that you can’t open the file, this might be caused by a faulty RAM. This is causing you hard drive structure to degenerate overtime and soon you won't be able to to start up your computer.

You can easily fix this issue by always backing up your data.

By replacing the RAM by just unscrewing the for middle screws and after you do that, you want to unclip the clips the hold the RAM together on the side and just pull the RAM out and from there you can just put the new one in.

You might be in the middle of using your computer when it suddenly crashes. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it crashed because of the RAM but it is also very useful to check if your RAM is faulty. What you want to do to fix this issue is to replace the RAM with a new one preferably one with higher capacity than the previous one.

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My laptop is not beeping but the screen is black and it's working, can you please help me.

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