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HP Compaq 2510p Troubleshooting

After pressing the power button, the device fails to power on.

If the device shows no signs of turning on even after making sure the adapter is plugged in, you may have a faulty adapter. It's recommended to purchase a new one.

If the device only powers on when the adapter is plugged in. You may have a faulty battery. Refer to our repair guide to replacing the battery.

Computer brings you to an error message instead of loading the operating system.

There is a possibility that the current user turned off this device by pressing the power button, instead of going through the shut down system. Doing this could cause the hard drive to get an error on it. You may want to consider purchasing a Windows DVD specifically for Windows Vista. If the hard drive still fails after booting through the DVD, you will have to replace your hard drive. Refer to our guide.

If the computer crashes often, or makes a beeping noise while trying to boot up. Your RAM may be failing. Try installing RAM onto the computer.

Your hear the fans running for extensive amounts of time, and the computer randomly turns off without warning.

This device has vents in the bottom and sides to allow air to flow. If the vents are not clean, the fan cannot cool the components properly. If there is dust in the vents, use a can of compressed air to blow dust out of the area.

The fans in the computer are used to cool down the processor. If the fans are not functioning correctly, then the computer will overheat very quickly. Refer to our guide on replacing fans.

It's difficult to hear audio through the computer.

Plug in a pair of headphones or speakers into the audio jack. If sound is emitted, the speakers may be broken.

The audio jack may be loose, make sure to plug the device in all the way. If not, the audio jack port may be broken and will have to be replaced.

Your keys often get stuck or won’t type when pressed.

Often dust and other particles can get stuck under a keyboard causing keys to stick and be nonreactive. Use compressed air to try and clean out under the keys, or remove the keys and clean with a paper towel. See our guide on how to remove keys.


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