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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

HP Chromebook 14-x015wm Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you fix problems you maybe having with your Chromebook

When you try typing and nothing is working on the screen and it’s not the program. Also, if there are missing or stuck keys.

If a key is stuck, try pressing/wiggling to see if the problem is minor. Otherwise, see the guide to replacing the key seen here [].

This problem is typically an easy fix. All you have to do is put it back in the same place it had popped out of and push down until you hear a click.

If everything you have tried failed and you need to replace the entire keyboard, or need to check its connection please see guide [ ] . This should be the last resort, as it’s the most dramatic.

Sound is distorted, low, or not functioning from headphones or the speakers.

Make sure that it is the computer that is the problem by also testing a different set of headphones. If you are experiencing the same problem, than you have determined that it is indeed the device that is the issue.

To update drivers, go to device manager, sound, right click audio device then click

update drivers.

If all else fails, you could replace the audio jack, however it is solder onto the motherboard so you will need to replace that as well. You can see how to do that in this guide [].

When the screen on your device fails to respond the most common cause is using too much RAM (memory) at one time.

Close programs if possible by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete and opening the task manager and closing programs. If that doesn’t work Restart the computer, Hold the off button until it shuts down.

If this problem continues to happen, you can invest in a better RAM card, however to do that you'll need to upgrade the motherboard as well since it is apart of it, please see the guide on how to replace the mother board here [].

Poor signal, or no signal at all.

You may be in a bad area to connect. With wireless you can have interference with walls which will cause you to have poor connection. You may want to try to be in the same room as the router.

If you have an old router it may be no longer be sending a good enough signal to reach you. Also, it may be overloaded if there’s too many devices connected to it.

If your device fails to gain charge, even when its plugged in, or if it won’t turn on at all your battery may be the cause.

Unplug your charger from the wall and your Chromebook.

Plug the charger back into your Chromebook, and then a different outlet in your house. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes to charge without use.

If the charge won’t go up, without use, and it stays on you can reset the Chromebook, before you reset your Chromebook to factory settings: Backup your files and other important information!!! Go to settings => advanced settings => Power wash => restart

This may work but it should be a last resort due to its severity.

You can try restarting your computer, and seeing if the problem remains. To do it with shortcut keys sign-out, Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r, then it will reset. Beware you must sign back in with the owner account.

You may need to replace the battery if nothing else is working, or even if the battery doesn’t hold as much charge as it used to, and you want to change that. You can see our guide to replacing the battery here [].


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