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HP Chromebook 11-v011dx Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the HP Chromebook 11-v011dx.

Blank Screen ¶ 

The screen will not display anything but the laptop is still on.

Cracked Screen ¶ 

Look at the screen carefully, if there is any damage on the screen and it will not display anything while it is on, then the screen is broken. Consider purchasing a new screen.

Loose Wire ¶ 

If there is no damage on the screen and the laptop is on, then a wire in the laptop is loose. Please take it to get repaired.

Unresponsive Keyboard ¶ 

The laptop is on and the screen is displaying everything but you are unable to type in everything.

Dirty Keyboard ¶ 

Use a flashlight and shine it under the keys of the keyboard at different angles. If you see dirt, dust and other things that shouldn't be there, then clean it. You can purchase compressed air canisters designed to clean keyboards of these materials along with small intricate tools to help you remove anything inside or stuck in between your keys.

Stuck Keys ¶ 

When ever you press a key, if it gets stuck and keeps iterating the same key letter on your screen, you should clean it very carefully. Use small, thinly sharped objects but be carefully not to jab your keyboard and continue to carefully remove any goo surrounding your keys.

Unable to Charge Battery ¶ 

The laptop turns on but the battery will not charge.

Bad Battery ¶ 

The charger plugs in but the battery will not charge. You must then replace the battery with this repair guide.

Faulty Power Adapter ¶ 

Inspect power adapter plug in. Check for dust, dirty, loose or broken pieces; clean out adapter carefully without damaging any hardware inside. Plug in the adapter and if it is too loose or will not supply power to your device, then fix it with this repair guide.

Device Will Not Turn On ¶ 

No matter how much you try the laptop will not turn on.

Over Heating ¶ 

Touch the bottom of the laptop, if it is very hot, put it aside and leave it alone until it cools. If it still doesn't work after 10-20 minutes, consider fixing it with this repair guide.

Power button not working ¶ 

Press and hold the power button down for 5 seconds, if it does't work, feels too loose or is stuck, then you need to replace the power button or carefully clean it.

Unable to Connect to Internet ¶ 

If your internet is working but the laptop is unable to connect to it.

Internet Will Not Connect ¶ 

Check all settings in the laptop so it can enable internet connection. If this does not work, then use this repair guide to fix it.


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