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HP Chromebook 11-v002dx Troubleshooting

Released early 2014, identified by product number X7T68UA. Part of HP’s Chromebook 11 -v000 series.

My Chromebook's operating system is either missing or damaged.

If your Chromebook is crashing or freezing, first try turning it off and back on again. I that doesn’t work, close all your apps and browser windows. If the cause of your Chromebook’s crash or freeze is a specific tab in your browser, hard refresh the page: Ctrl + Shift + r. If your Chromebook still freezes after this, you uninstall any new apps or extensions you’ve recently added, reset your Chromebook, or, finally, recover your Chromebook.

Look for updates and install them.

To search for updates, look in the status area where your account picture appears for the Update icon, which looks like a white up arrow against a light gray square. This icon only appears when you have an update ready.

Your Chromebook needs to be recovered.

If your Chromebook is connected to mobile data, connect it to a Wi-fi network or Ethernet instead, then try downloading the update. If that doesn’t resolve the error, try turning your Chromebook off and back on again. After that, try resetting your Chromebook, or, finally, recovering your Chromebook.

Your laptop’s battery may be dead. Try plugging your charger into the computer. Be sure that both the plug and the adapter cable are both completely plugged in. If this proves to be unsuccessful try using a different charger. If the second charger works, your own charger is the issue, not the computer, and you will need to replace the charger. If neither charger works the battery may need to be replaced.

HP Chromebook 11-v002dx Battery Replacement

My camera/ keyboard/ touchscreen/ sound/ etc. doesn’t work.

First try turning your Chromebook off and back on again. If this doesn’t fix the camera, try using the camera in a different app, like Snapchat or Hangouts. If it works in that app, uninstall the app the camera doesn’t work in, then reinstall it. If the camera still has issues, then reset your Chromebook, or, lastly, recover it.

For keyboard issues, turn the Chromebook off and on again. If that doesn’t solve it, log into your Chromebook as a guest and check to see if the keys work. If they do, delete the account that’s having the problem on your Chromebook and add it again. If the account designated as the owner is having problems, reset the Chromebook.

HP Chromebook 11-v002dx Keyboard Replacement

Make sure your sound isn’t muted. You can do this by clicking on the status area where your account picture appears and adjusting the volume with the slider.

If this doesn’t resolve your issue, unplug audio devices (headphone jacks, speakers) from the Chromebook and check for sound again. If there are still issues, reset your Chromebook, or lastly, recover your Chromebook.

If your touchpad isn’t working, test the keypad after each of these steps: Make sure there is no dust or dirt on the touchpad. Press the Esc key several times. Drumroll your fingers on the keypad for 10 seconds. Turn your Chromebook off and on again. Reset your Chromebook. Delete the account on your Chromebook that has touchpad issues, then re-add the account. Contact your Chromebook manufacturer if none of these steps work.

If your Chromebook’s touchscreen doesn’t work, make sure there’s no dust or dirt on your touchscreen. Then perform a hard reset. After this, you can try backing up your files and powerwashing your Chromebook. If the touchscreen doesn’t work after this, recover your Chromebook.

If there is a loose wire or bad connection in the motherboard, it will not allow the laptop to stay on. If this is the case you will need to replace your motherboard.

HP Chromebook 11-v002dx Motherboard Replacement

I cannot get the Bluetooth Feature to work on my Chromebook.

The item you are trying to pair with your Chromebook might not work with your chromebook. The devices that are pairable with the Chromebook are keyboards, microphones, speakers, headphones, and headsets (audio only). Make sure to give your correct device time to pair and connect with your Chromebook.

Try turning off the Bluetooth connection on your Chromebook, waiting ten seconds, and then try turning the Bluetooth connection on your Chromebook back on. If this does not work, your Chromebook may need to be restarted.

Try turning your Chromebook off by using the power button. Then, wait until your Chromebook is completely shut down before clicking the power button again to turn it back on. If turning your Chromebook off and on again does not work, you might have a more serious problem with your Bluetooth connection.


i tried all of the tips to do try to fix my touchpad because it will not work. The steps did not do anything to fix the issues.

MadisonBland - Reply

i tried all the steps the touchscreen still is not working


None of this stuff didn’t help me figure out why neither of my mice are working. :(


My mouse/touchpad still does not work!

Jossellyn Hernandez - Reply

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