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HP 15-f033wm Troubleshooting

Created October 2017

The laptop shows no sign of holding a charge

Make sure the adapter is connected to the laptop and the light on the adapter is on. In some cases, the PC may still power with the charger plugged in, however, the PC will not be able to keep its charge. If the laptop only powers up when the adapter is plugged in, regardless of charging time, then the battery is faulty. Replace the battery using this guide.

HP 15-f033wm Battery Replacement

Ensure the power adapter is plugged in and the charge light is on. If the charge light is on and your PC still does not charge, you may have a faulty power jack. Follow this guide on how to replace your PC's power jack.

HP 15-f033wm Power Jack Replacement

Inputing a disc does not result in any response from the PC.

If your PC does not respond to a disc being inserted into the CD reader, your PC may have a faulty CD reader. Follow this guide on how to replace you PC's CD reader.

HP 15-f033wm CD Reader Replacement

The screen on your HP Notebook PC doesn’t show anything and you know the computer is on or the touch display is unresponsive.

Make sure that the display is not accidentally disabled. To do this, press one of the “Fn” keys in the lower corner of the keyboard and then press “F2.” This will re-enable your screen display if it was accidentally disabled.

If your screen is completly black and does not respond to anything but your PC is still runing, you may have a faulty screen. Follow this guide on how to replace your PC's screen.

HP 15-f033wm Screen Replacement

‘‘ Your computer feels really hot and shuts down without notification. ’’

Excessive dust and other materials may be stuck in the vents and fan. This can cause your computer to overheat due to lack of airflow. Use a compressed air duster to carefully blow the dust off the vents and fan. This should allow your fan and vents to effectively cool your computer.

Your computer gives you an error message when trying to load the operating system.

If your computer struggles to do memory intensive tasks, crashes during operation, or beeps and refuses to start up, that means you do not have enough RAM or you have bad RAM.

Even if the hard drive is working on your computer there may be an error on it. To resolve this issue, get a Windows DVD for the version that you have, and run it on your computer choosing the “Startup Repair option”. If your computer still does not boot correctly, you may need to replace your PC's hard drive. Follow this guide on replacing your PC's hard drive.

HP 15-f033wm Hard Drive Replacement

Your computer’s sound is either unclear or your computer has no sound at all.

Test your headphone jack by listening to sound through your computer speakers and then listening to the same sound through your headphones. If the sound coming through your headphones sounds distorted, your headphone jack may be loose. Be sure that your headphone jack is fully inserted into your computer.


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