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HP 15-AF131DX Troubleshooting

The HP 15-AF131DX is a laptop computer that uses Microsoft Windows 10 Home operating system. It has a 15.6 inch screen and uses a 2.0GHz AMD Quad-Core A6-5200 APU microprocessor. The product number is P1A95UA.

Device does not turn on ¶ 

The computer won't power on at all, or it turns on but does not boot into Windows.

Dead Battery ¶ 

  • Run the laptop with the battery only. If it begins to power on and then shuts off, this is a problem with the laptop booting.
  • Try to run the laptop by plugging in the power adapter and removing the battery entirely. Use this guide to aid in removing the battery.

Faulty Adapter ¶ 

Your adapter may be broken, which would cause no power to reach the laptop or battery.

  • Check the AC adapter label to ensure it has an HP logo.
  • Check if power is running through the adapter by using a voltmeter on the laptop-side plug.
  • Check the connectors on the cable ends for damage or for bent or missing ID pins.
  • Check the computer power DC port for any debris, and then make sure the connector pin in the port is not bent or broken.
  • Borrow a friend's adapter and see if your laptop powers on.

Disk Errors ¶ 

I can hear my computer turn on but it never gets to the windows screen.

  • Restart PC and press "f2" repeatedly while it is turning on and booting to access "HP PC Hardware Diagnostics" menu. Use the arrow-keys and press "Enter" to select "Hard drive check" from menu, then select "Run Quick Check". If this fails then the hard drive is faulty and needs replacing. Please refer to this guide to replace the hard drive.

Device is running slow ¶ 

The computer takes far too long to load web pages and applications.

Restart Applications ¶ 

  • Close all running applications that may be using disk space
  • Restart the computer to refresh programs and applications.

Open Space on Hard Drive ¶ 

Make sure that there is at least 15% space open on the hard drive

  • To check this, open up the “Computer” from the start menu.
  • This should display your hard drive memory. If you have less than 15% space, delete unused items to free up space.
  • This will speed up your computer significantly

Update your Graphics Driver ¶ 

  • In Windows, search for and open Device Manager.
  • In the list of devices, expand Display adapters.
  • Right-click the graphics device and select Update Driver Software.
  • Click Search automatically for updated driver software.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install the updated driver.
  • Restart your computer to complete the installation of the updates.

Device has No Sound ¶ 

Sound Is Not On ¶ 

  • Turn the sound up and access any audio media to verify that the device is not transmitting sound.
  • Right-click on the volume icon on the bottom-right tray of the screen and select volume mixer or navigate to “Sound” then the audio mixer from the Control Panel.
  • If the bars are moving while audio plays but no sound comes out, you may need to check your sound drivers.

Update Sound Drivers ¶ 

  • Search for your device on a search engine with the phrase “sound drivers” included: in this case, “HP 15-AF131DX Notebook sound drivers”.
  • Install the newest drivers and try the sound test again. If sound still does not come out, the speakers may be blown.

Device Stuck in Headphone Mode ¶ 

  • Plug headphones into the device and try the sound test once more.
  • If sound comes through, then either the device is having trouble transitioning from headphones to speakers or the speakers are blown.

Device Locks Up or Freezes ¶ 

The computer is stuck on one screen and is not responding

The Computer is Processing Multiple Tasks ¶ 

  • Before making the assumption your computer is frozen wait a few minutes as the computer might be processing multiple tasks at once.

Device is Deadlocked ¶ 

Check to see if the computer is deadlocked by pressing the caps lock button and seeing if the light comes on. If the light does not turn on, your computer is deadlocked.

  • Reboot your computer by pressing and holding down the power button until the computer is fully shut off.
  • Let the computer rest for about ten to twenty seconds and then proceed to turn it back on
  • The computer should be unfrozen and working properly

Too Many Programs are Running ¶ 

  • Press CTRL +ALT + DEL to open the windows task manager
  • If the task manager opens properly find the program that is not running properly
  • Highlight the program you want to end and click “End Task”
  • Wait a minute and your computer should unfreeze.

Computer Keyboard Does Not Work ¶ 

Notebook keys are unresponsive or are visibly broken.

Faulty Keyboard ¶ 

  • If the keys do not respond when pressed, whole keyboard might need to be removed. See our Keyboard Replacement Guide.

Keys Are Sticking or Missing ¶ 

  • If not regularly maintained keyboards may become dirty. Keys can be removed and enclosing areas wiped down carefully to stop stickiness.
  • If keys are missing they can be replaced. Look on the HP website for parts information


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