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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Device won't power on

No matter what you do, you can't get one/both of the units to turn on.

Drained battery

You should first check if the batteries are low on power. Plug the unit that is not turning on into your outlet with the charging cable provided. The parent unit will have a green light on the side that flashes if it is charging. The nursery unit does not tell you if it's charging, so while it's charging, try and turn it on and a green light on the front should turn on. Make sure you charge the units completely before you use it again.

Bad display

It is possible that the unit's display is not working. To test the parent unit try to turn it on and adjust the volume settings, if it makes noise that means its on but the LED lights aren't working. To test the nursery unit first you have to make sure the parent unit is on and the nursery unit is off. the parent unit should beep periodically meaning that it is not connected to the nursery unit. When you turn on the nursery unit the parent unit should stop beeping. If this is this the case, you can follow this guide to the LEDs { }

The parent unit does not vibrate

Both units seem to be on, but when the baby cries the parent unit does not vibrate .

Vibrate setting is not on

If you look on the side of the parent unit, you should see a "vibe" switch, make sure that it is set on the "on" position.

Vibrate setting is set too high

Right above the vibe switch there is a button with the word vibe on it. If you hold this button down it will light up the LED lights on the front display, the more lights that are lit up, the louder the baby has to cry in order for the parent unit to vibrate. You may have a baby that cries quietly and may need to lower the vibrate settings by holding down the vibe button and use the volume buttons on the other side to lower or raise the settings.

Vibrating Mechanism no longer works

If the first two options didn't work you may have to replace the part that makes the parent unit vibrate. It may take some time but you can follow this guide [ ] to solve the problem.

Distorted Audio

The units seemed to be working properly however the audio sounds distorted or you cannot hear anything

Volume is turned down

On the parent unit make sure that the volume is turned all the way up. By doing this you should be able to hear noise that the nursery unit picks up.

Units are out of range

If you cannot hear anything at all, it may be that the units are two far apart from each other and need to be closer to each other. Just to be sure stand about 5 feet away from the nursery unit with the parent unit in your hand. You should be able to say something and hear an echo of yourself from the parent unit.

Speaker no longer works

It is possible that the speaker is broken and needs to be replaced. You can follow this guide [ } to replace the speaker.

Device doesn't charge

The units do not charge or wont stay charged for very long.

Batteries no longer work

After a while, batteries tend to not hold charge for long periods of time. If the units work while it is plugged into your outlet, but dies quickly when it is not plugged in, then its more than likely that the batteries need to be replaced. The following guides will help you replace your batteries [ ] [ ]

Charging cable doesn't work

It is also possible that the charging cable no longer works. Any universal 4.5v DC charging adapter should be able to replace your old charging adapter. Make sure to check out the retailers return policy in case this is not the problem,

Power jack doesn't work

In rare cases your power jack may be damaged. You can follow the following guides to replace your power jack [ ] [ ]

LED doesn't turn on

Units seems to be on, however one or more of the LEDs does not turn on.

LEDs no longer works

So your units work perfectly but one or more of the LEDs do not turn on. The only solution to this problem is to replace the LEDs. You can follow the following guides to replace the LEDs.


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