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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

GoPro won't turn on

No matter what you try, your GoPro won't turn on.

Battery is dead

This is the first thing you should check. Connect your charger to your device and double check that your charger is working. If your charger is working fine you just need to replace that old battery. Here is how to remove the battery for your GoPro

Motherboard fried

If your GoPro is fully charged but still won't turn on, there might be a problem with the motherboard and might need to be replaced. Check out our guide on how to replace your motherboard

Faulty power adapter

Plug in the power adapter and make sure that the light on the power adapter is on when you connect it to the GoPro. If the light is not on then it means the power adapter is not working and should be replaced.

Power button doesn't work

If the GoPro won't turn on, it might be that the power button isn't working. If the power button is stuck, see our guide on how to replace it. Here is how to replace the buttons on your GoPro

GoPro doesn't charge

When connecting the GoPro to the power adapter, the device isn't charging.

Charging cable doesn't work

Make sure that the charging cable is plugged in and connected to the GoPro. If the light on the charger is not on then you should consider buying a new one.

Battery is dead

If the charger is working fine but the GoPro still won't charge, you should consider replacing the battery. See our guide on how to replace a dead battery.

Charge port is broken

The charging port is connected directly to the motherboard. If the power adapter and the battery are both new and the LED light on the device indicating that its charging is not on, then the charging port might be damaged. In order to fix this problem the mother has to be replaced which is explained in the guide.

LCD panel won't turn on (screen)

When you turn on your Gopro, nothing appears on the screen.

Screen is cracked

If there is a crack on the screen it may or may not affect the display depending on how badly the screen was cracked. If it does affect the screen, the LCD panel will have to be replaced. See the guide on how to replace the LCD panel.

Faulty LCD

Check to make sure your device is fully charged and turn it on. If the LED light indicating the device is on is working and nothing appears on the screen, there might be a problem with the LCD panel which will need to be replaced.Here are the steps in order to replace your LCD housing.

GoPro freezes up

When using your GoPro, the screen freezes and device stops working.

Software update

If you are trying to take a picture or video with the GoPro and your camera freezes, that usually means that you might need to update your device. This can be done on the GoPro app on any computer or mobile device connected to WiFi.

Wrong SD card

One of the reasons your GoPro might not record or freeze up is because the wrong SD card is inserted. The SD card for the GoPro Hero3 Silver is shown in the instruction guides.

SD error message

When you turn on your GoPro, the device reads SD ERROR

Corrupt SD card

If there is a bandage sign on the screen of the GoPro, then the file was corrupted during filming. To fix this problem, take a look at the instruction guides.

Wrong SD Format

If your GoPro has the SD card in the wrong format, it has to be reformatted. Here is a how to format your SD card from your GoPro tutorial.

No sound or distorted in videos

After recording a video and uploading to a computer, the video has no sound or distorted sound.

Microphone is broken

If you record a video with the GoPro and upload it to one of your devices and there is no noise then there might be a problem with the microphone on the GoPro. Take a look at our instruction guides on how to replace the microphone.

Water damage

If the GoPro is dropped in water there, a lot of the device might be damaged. One of the parts that might be damaged is the microphone which can be replaced as shown in the instruction guides.

GoPro wont take pictures/record

When device is turned on, it is not able to take pictures or record.

Record button doesn't work

If you press record but there is no click, and the GoPro doesn’t record, then the record button is broken. Since the button is part of the GoPro’s housing so the housing needs to be replaced.

Can't upload videos/pictures

You are unable to upload your pictures and videos to your computer.

No WiFi connection

When trying to upload videos or pictures from your GoPro to your other devices, make sure your GoPro's wifi is turned on. This can be done by pressing the wifi button on the side of the GoPro.


I have a GP, used it lightly maybe 20 times. The POS is failing already.

matrox100 - Reply

Hi matrox100!

What type of GoPro do you have?

Quinten Althues (QkeleQ) -

I have a go pro 3 silver and it will turn on and wifi seems to work. It is stuck in updating mode and will not come out of it . I have tried to reset and replacing the SDK card still no change. Any advise out there

Fireman - Reply

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