Gmail Account For Safari. Common Problems (OS X 10.11)

This is problems....

Can't Create the your gmail account ¶ 

IP is Blocked ¶ 

Check the IP Address of the browsers. is the IP Address is Blocked. Then your not able to Create your google account.

Bad Browsers ¶ 

You may be faulty browser. Try using another browsers

Phone number required. Other Option don't work ¶ 

Try using another OS X (10.10, 10.12)

Try using Browserstack another account

Try the Following

  1. Contact the Gmail
  2. Get More Trial on your

Can't use Gmail ¶ 

Make your sure connected to internet. Check Faulty Cable. If you have Faulty Cable. Then ADSL is Off. Try Turning on. If Your Sill Have Problems. Contact the ISP, Router Brand, Network Admin or Computer Admin

Can't Send the Emails ¶ 

Sign in with another account ¶ 

Sign in another account and then try again

Invaild Email Address ¶ 

Check the make sure correct the email address. If your sill have the problems.. Try using the another email address


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