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General Electric Create Jason Wu Troubleshooting

Released to the market in late 2010. It comes in 2GB and 4GB memory. Has a 12.2-megapixel sensor with 3x optical zoom lens.

Your General Electric Create Jason Wu will not power on

A faulty battery is the most common issue if your device will not power on. Unfortunately, the battery in this device is built and not easily removable. Before you attempt to access the battery, first ensure the battery is properly charged. Plug the device into a USB power supply and wait 4 to 6 hours for a complete charge. If this process still results in no power, the battery may need replacing.

The charging port on the General Electric Create Jason Wu camera is built into the retractable USB connector. If the USB is damaged, dirty, or faulty, it will not allow the battery to charge properly. Check the metal housing of the USB connector for any damage or debris. If the connector is dirty, clean it with electrical parts cleaner. If the connector is damaged, it will have to be replaced.

If the battery is too low, then the camera may fail to power on. Plug the camera in and let it fully charge and continue use.

If the camera wont power on, it could be a cause of the power supply button not making contact with the circuit-board to power on. This can easily be fixed by replacing the power supply button with a new one.

The physical connection of the battery to the camera could be an issue. Once you gain access to the internals of the camera, it is important to visually inspect the positive and negative wires running from the battery terminals. It is quite possible that over time the battery connections may have become corroded or dirty and need cleaning. Companies such as CRC and other chemical manufacturers have special electrical cleaners that can be used for such cases. If the contacts are clean and free of debris, the next step is to look for breaks in wires or breaks in their soldered contact points. Vibrations caused from use of the camera can possibly wiggle wires loose inside the camera, creating a faulty connection.

Your camera screen will freeze up while taking photos

The General Electric Create Jason Wu camera comes equipped with a built in 2GB or 4GB memory card. The difference from one memory card to another, besides storage size, is one cards ability to transfer data faster than the other. If you experience frequent freeze ups with the camera while taking photos, the issue may be a faulty or slow memory card. The memory card can be located under the cameras casing. There is not a way to test voltage for proper functionality of the memory card, other than a visual inspection to ensure there isn't any physical damage. If no physical damage is noticed, the memory card will have to be replaced.

If the camera freezes or the screen locks up, try a hard restart of the device. Hold down the on/off button for 30 seconds until the screen goes blank and restarts. If the device does not power on, charge the battery and power on again.

Another common cause for the General Electric Create Jason Wu to freeze up could be due to an unfortunately timed software glitch. This does not necessarily mean the camera is broken, or that there is anything to fix. The processors deal with lots of information per second and it is possible the processor makes a mistake. These mistakes are rare but can result in a system freeze. If this continues to happen, the processor may be malfunctioning.

The camera may fail to respond properly if the battery is too low, causing the screen to freeze. Ensure the battery is fully charged and continue use.

You are unable to transfer photos from the camera to a PC

The General Electric Create Jason Wu camera comes with a built in retractable USB connector. Similar to a storage flash drive, the USB connection on the camera slides in and out of the bottom of the device by sliding the switch. Because this a moving part, frequently opening and closing the USB could cause failure. It is possible for the metal contacts to become warn out and the USB connection can not be recognized by the computer. After removal of the camera casing, visual inspection should result in the findings of broken wires, if any. If there is any damage, consider replacing.

The data from the memory card has to transfer through the USB connector on the camera. It is possible that the USB connector can become completely detached from the camera. If this happens, not only will pictures not transfer, the battery will not charge either. The detached USB connector may be reinstalled into the camera if nothing is structurally damaged.

Photos may not transfer from the camera to a computer, but it might not be the camera at all; it could be the PC. The computer needs the appropriate software drivers installed in its operating system. If there is no driver installed the camera will not be recognized by the computer.

Your General Electric Create Jason Wu camera will randomly power off

One of the fastest ways to ruin a battery is to overheat it. The manufacturer recommends the camera and battery stay within a temperature range of 32 to 104 degrees. If the camera is exposed to temperatures outside of this threshold it may not work properly. Extreme heat can cause the battery to swell, possibly even explode, causing the camera to power off. If the battery is exposed to frigid temperatures, the chemical reaction occurring inside the Lithium Ion will be slowed down, causing the battery to actually discharge its supply more rapidly. If this is the case, you will need to replace the battery.

If your camera has trouble staying on, it could be caused by dust and gunk getting caught around the power supply button and causing it to stick. You can clean the buttons by taking the camera apart and gently wiping the debris away. If the problem continues you can consider replacing the power supply button for a new one.

Once the casing of the camera is removed and the internal components are exposed, conduct a visual inspection of the positive and negative power wires connecting the battery. It is possible there are some broken, disconnected, or frayed wires causing a connectivity issue. If a break or fray is located, it can be fixed by either mending or replacing the damaged wires.

Your camera will not properly focus and always takes blurry photos

The casing on most cameras are not air tight and due to this design, the camera and its components are exposed to dust and debris. If your General Electric Create Jason Wu isn't taking clear and focused pictures, it may be due to a dirty lens. Not only can dust get on the outside of the lens but inside the lens assembly too. By using a microfiber cloth and a streak free cleaner, the inside and out side of the camera can be wiped clean of dust. The cleaning of the inside of the lens would require the casing of the camera to be removed. Once exposed, the interior of the lens can be examined and cleaned. If the problem continues, consider replacing the lens completely.

The auto-focus feature of this camera is supposed to make taking pictures as easy as possible. If a dirty lens isn't the cause of blurry photos, the next component to look at is the auto focus mechanism. Again, the casing of the camera will need to be removed in order to expose the mechanism. There is a small electric motor that turns small gears that allow the lens assembly to move to make objects come in an out of focus. These gears are small and can sometimes break, not allowing the lens to move and focus correctly. Examine the are for missing gear teeth or for something blocking the gears. If the components are in tact and functional, the gears and lens may need to be realigned. If the lens is out of alignment, the auto-focus feature will not work correctly and will continue to do so until the assembly is fixed or realigned.


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