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Gateway ML6720 Troubleshooting

Gateway Laptop, model ML6720

Gateway ML6720 Troubleshooting Page

Dirty Keyboard

If your keyboard isn’t functioning to full and proper capacity, or if it isn’t working at all reboot the computer. Clean off your keyboard and make sure there is nothing left in the cracks of each key.

Outdated computer info

If your keyboard still isn’t working correctly, you may have outdated drivers on your computer. Update and install the most recent drivers and downloads for your computer.

Motherboard Issues

If the problem persists you may have hardware issues, the computer may just have a bad connection to the computer’s motherboard which is causing it to work intermittently or causing it to not work at all. Taking the laptop to someone who knows about computers such as a tech shop can help further diagnose the problem.

This video may be helpful, during the keyboard troubleshooting process.

Dead Battery

If your laptop’s battery isn’t functioning properly you should first plug it in to make sure it’s not just dead and needs to be charged.

Update Software

If the battery will not charge at all or is saying it’s fully charged but it still doesn’t work you may just have to update your laptop software so that it recognizes your battery.

Faulty AC Adapter

If the battery problems persist, it may not be your battery that is the problem. Completely remove the battery and see if the laptop can run solely off the AC adapter. If not, your AC adapter is the problem and must be replaced. Furthermore, if the AC adapter is not the issue either your laptop may just have a bad motherboard. Additional support can be found at this link.

Computer Fails to Start/Boot-Up

Sometimes loose memory chips will inhibit the computer from starting. This will require a check to insure that the RAM chips and memory modules are completely attached.

Computer turns on and reboots

You’ve normally started your computer however, blue screens pop up or a rebooting starts. It seems as if your computer is inexplicably having problems starting and accessing programs.

Memory problems/not recognized

The RAM is how your computer stores temporary data so, if basic memory problems are occurring it may be due to a RAM failure.

System slow, freezing or crashing

This will occur after a normal boot up of your system but with continuous use programs run slow, websites don’t load, etc. Malfunctions with the RAM may cause the computer to randomly crash and erase everything in the temporary memory.

If thia help isn't sufficient in fixing your problem, refer to this link for more support.

Cleaning Out the Disc Drive

If you're encountering issues with your laptop's disc drive, meaning it won't successfully read and spin your discs that you have inserted to play them. I suggest first removing the disc drive entirely and trying to clean it out for any dust or dirt that may be causing trouble with spinning or reading the disc.

Disc Drive Replacement

If this doesn't fix the issue an entire part replacement may be a reasonable option as disc drives aren't very expensive to replace.

Problems that may occur when experiencing a failing or failed hard drive may include, inability to successfully load the hard drive, corrupt or missing files and or failure to identify hard drive on the computer.

Faulty Connectors

The first troubleshooting step is to confirm that the connectors of the hard drive are properly seated and tightly connected in their correct spots. If a connector is broken replace as necessary.

Software Issues

If the hard drive is properly and securely connected and problems still exist, there may be a chance that the software on the computer is causing the hard drive not to appear on the system. To test this, use a connecting wire to connect the hard drive to another computer and test to see if they hard drive appears properly on the separate system. If still no signal, there is a high chance that the hard drive has failed and will need to be replaced.

Any additional support on all troubleshooting aspects can be found here.


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