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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

GPS Will Not Turn On

GPS is unresponsive to power button.

GPS Needs to be Charged

If GPS is unresponsive to power button, it may be that it is out of battery and needs to be charged before next use.

Soft Reset Needed

A soft reset may turn your GPS back on. Plug your device into a power source with the provided vehicle power cable, USB cable, or AC adapter. Press and hold power button for 12 seconds. Your device should power on; if not keep on charger, your device may be dead.


If the GPS has been on your dashboard for a long period of time, the battery may be overheating which will disallow the GPS to turn on. This can cause damage to the GPS. If nuviCam is overheating, remove it from the dashboard as soon as it is safe to do so (not while driving) and store it in a cool area until it has returned to normal temperature.

Faulty Battery

If GPS has been unresponsive to charging, resetting and is not overheating then you may need to replace the battery. This guide illustrates how to do so as well as where to acquire tools.

GPS Won’t Charge

GPS is not responding to charger.

Fuse Replacement

If you are trying to charge your GPS in the car and it is unresponsive your car may have a burnt out fuse. Before taking steps to replace fuse check to see if another device’s car charger works in your car.If another charger works you may just need to purchase a new nuviCam car charger.

Faulty Charger

If you have plugged GPS in and it is unresponsive, you may need a new charger. Try using a different charger.

Replace Battery

If fuse is working and GPS is unresponsive to charger(s). Your battery may need replacement. This guide shows the process of replacing the nuviCam battery.

GPS Will Not Load Maps

GPS will not load maps needed.

Check Satellite Signal

Your problem may be that you are in a location with too many tall trees and buildings or in a parking garage which will keep your nuviCam from effectively acquiring Satellite Signals. Your GPS displays satellite strength using a status bar icon. To view Satellite Signal hold the status bar icon for three seconds. The more bars shown, the stronger the signal. If you have no or little bars you can try going to an open area away from these common satellite signal blockers. When you reach an open area try parking until your GPS is able to read signals again. This could take several minutes.

Update Maps

If your GPS will not load maps you may need to update the maps. To update maps you will need to plug your device into your computer and install Garmin Express. This app will allow you to do necessary updates including most recent maps. Once you have installed Garmin Express find “Update Maps” the on-screen instructions will guide you through the rest. To install Garmin Express go to:

Update Software

If your GPS will not load maps or does so slowly you may need to update your software. To update the software on your GPS, you will need to connect your device to your computer and install Garmin Express. This app will allow you to update software and contains on-screen instructions. To install Garmin Express go to:

Missing/Distorted Audio

GPS has no sound, GPS sounds weird

Turn Volume Up

To turn the volume up on your device press “Volume” then use the slider bar located on the GPS to adjust.

Device is Muted

If you have your device muted no volume will play. To unmute device press the crossed out speaker icon. If device was muted this will allow volume to resume.

Faulty Speaker

If your device volume is up and is not muted then your GPS may have a faulty speaker. This guide will show you how to replace your devices speaker.

SD Card End of Life

Delete the volume for SD Card

If you've ever had this problem, most likely the SD Card is still good, however there is a bug with the software that won't allow anything to be written to the card. This can be fixed by deleting the SD Cards volume, so the Garmin software can create a suitable format for the GPS.

I Can’t Reset my GPS

You are having trouble resetting your GPS.

Soft Reset

To soft reset your GPS hold the power button for 12 seconds.

Charge GPS

If your GPS is out of battery then you will need to charge it in order to reset.

Reset to Factory Settings

Restoring your GPS Factory Settings will reset your device back to its default settings. If you want to restore your GPS to factory settings go to “Settings” on your GPS and select “Restore”.


Memory card has reached the end of it is useful life and can no longer record videos

angelaanderson2 - Reply

I placed a 2nd SD UltraPlus 64GB memory and the unit always brings up the message that i need to place in a SD card to where there is already one inside. So frustrated with this unit. Never had this issues with any Garmin before.

ambustias77 - Reply

Everything works except for intermittent issue with realtime camera video preview or playback within the device. Actual camera image recorded to SD Card is pristine. Seems heat related. Real-time preview starts off wavering slightly with horizontal sheer ripple. Then preview goes off of X/Y sync with the corners centered to middle of screen with red and green undertones. Ultimately turns into Spatter of Green/Red Pixel static. Nav maps continue to work perfectly. Recording works perfectly. Camera features continue to function accurately (lane departure / forward collision detection works). The device just can't render realtime preview for camera alignment, the countdown as you approach destination, or playback of recorded videos on the device itself (which playback fine on PC). Thumbnails of recorded videos in playback app and pictures snapshots look fine -- but playback is garbled on device. All other features (except camera preview/replay on device itself) work flawlessly.

andrew.a.russell - Reply

I have a NuviCam LM and it works very good as a dashCam and GPS.

BUT the Garmin Express Software is a load of Rubbish, since I have had the unit I am unable to update or upload anything from their site. So happily I am driving around with an outdated map and information.... So unless (now 2 years) they get their software sorted I am going to get a Tom Tom. For the price it is an expensive load of junk.....

Jcat Board - Reply

i am experiencing the same issue like angels, Memory card has reached the end of it is useful life and can no longer record videos. tried various cards and reset several times. frustrated now. any idea how to fix it?

jacob - Reply

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