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My Dash Cam is not responding to any commands; it will not turn on

The battery power in the Dash Cam may be low. You will need to charge the device, using the vehicle charging cable

The vehicle charging cable may be defective and not able to effectively charge your dash cam or your vehicle may have a blown fuse. To test this, plug in a separate device, you are sure is in working condition, into the charging port. If the device does not start charging then you will need to replace your car fuse. If charging does occur then the vehicle charging cable is defective and it will need to be replaced.

Photos and videos on my dash cam need to be deleted and unsure on how to do so

To delete a file press the wrench icon (second icon from the bottom left corner) > File Delete > Video. Then, navigate to the respective video for deletion and select delete. This file is now erased from the device.

To delete a file press the wrench (second icon from the bottom left corner) > File Delete > Snapshot. Then, navigate to the respective photo for deletion and select delete. This file is now erased from the device.

Videos and Photo become deleted from the Dash Cam’s memory without user action

The Dash Cam is designed to be recording video at all times until it is shut off. However, once the Dash Cam’s memory becomes full it starts overwriting the oldest, non-protected video files. To safeguard your video files, one must protect them. To do this, press the floppy disk icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen while recording. This will protect the current, previous, and next video files.

The dash cam does not function properly when running with the Mac operating system.

If the dash cam is experiencing problems with AVI files and/or Mac devices, the VLC Media Player may not be installed. With this program, the dash cam will convert the AVI files to MP4 or another compatible format to enable editing and playback. To install the VLC Media Player, follow the following link:

Playback may skip, freeze, appear distorted, or be otherwise unplayable.

The Garmin Dash Cam 10 or 20 require the use of a class 10 microSD card. Check if your microSD card is class 10. The card can be as small as 4GB or as large as 32GB. If used with a microSD card lower than class 10, the Dash Cam may still record video, but the user may experience one or more of the above issues.

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The user is not sure that, once the camera is on, the Garmin Dash Cam is recording.

The red light signifies the camera is recording. The green light signifies the camera is on, but no card is inserted, and therefore it is not recording. Make sure that once the car and camera are on, the camera light stays red.

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After taking a snapshot, the dash cam freezes.

It has been known that before software version 3.60, the camera sometimes freezes after taking a screenshot. In order to fix this problem, the camera software needs to be updated. Garmin offers a program called Garmin Express which is to be used to update the camera. Click here for the link to download the Garmin Express software.

The dash cam is moving in and/or falling off the mount while driving - most often when travelling over bumps - or the entire unit falls off windshield

If the dash cam remains fixed to the mount, but not to the windshield, the mount may not be properly adhered to the glass. When positioning the suction cup onto the windshield, make sure to apply a decent amount of pressure, around the entire area of the suction cup, before locking into place.

When removing the Dash Cam, do not pull on the camera forcefully as it will weaken the suction between the mount and windshield, or remove the mount completely. This action degrades the quality of the suction cup and reduces its performance. To gently remove the dash cam from the mount, tilt the camera to the left or right until it detaches. Additionally, when attaching the camera back onto the mount, hold the mount in place with one hand, and push the dash cam into the socket upward with some force, but not enough to move the mount within your hand.

If the Garmin windshield mount keeps falling down, the mount may need to be replaced. Many Garmin customers have recommended compatible mounts as an alternative. A few popular options are listed below:

Arkon Sun Visor Car Mount

Arkon GPS Car Mount


Camera frozen will not turn on when power plugged in camera will not respond no green light or red on camera and red light on power cable, how to do a factory resetc,,

edacious - Reply

It freezes up and will not respond to anything. letting it run out of power then restarting will make it work again but it will freeze up again.

mitchell.putz - Reply

same thing freeze or dont ower off totaly

lou david -

Dash cam 20

1. Screen goes blank & records blank files.  I have to re-start it to get the image back.

2.  it is on continuously and it shuts itself off every day it is warm in the truck.  I have to remember to manually start it all of the time.

I can’t rely on it to be on when I need it.

David Fortner - Reply

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