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Fujifilm FinePix XP70 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose possible problems with the Fujifilm FinePix XP70.

The lens takes blurry pictures whenever I try to use it

Dust, condensation or anything on the surface of the lens can blur the pictures. Try wiping the lens with a clean wipe to help remove anything on the surface.

A lens calibrator can help you calibrate a camera's lens. Calibration options will be in the camera software.

If the above solution does not work, the lens is more than likely broken. If that is the case, you will need to replace it which will require disassembling the camera.

The zoom does little to nothing when pressed.

Try tapping the buttons to see if they click. If they don’t, check to see if this is caused by either a misaligned button or a broken dome (the button has worn beyond a simple jiggle). If misaligned, try to see if you can click it back into place with gentle nudges.

If the button appears to be beyond saving, the other option would be replacing. Buttons are not expensive and usually easily accessible once the case is open. This will require partial disassembly of the camera, but no soldering or electrical connections.

The camera will not power on when the power button is pressed.

Ensure the battery is securely in the slot and facing the correct direction. Remove it and push it back into the slot.

Plug in the micro usb located under the right side panel. Let it charge for 10 - 20 minutes then attempt to power on the device.

If you are obtaining no result shown the previous solution, you could attempt to plug in a compatible battery or buy a replacement.

The camera automatically shuts off when use under the water and water leaks out of the case.

If the camera powers off automatically while under water then there is a high chance that there is a failure in the sealing of the camera. Look around to find the area where leakage appear to be most observed. Attempt to open and re-seal the case of the camera.

If you can not afford another case and your case camera is broken. However, if you can not afford to acquire a new one or want one that can be used universally.

Images appear as if they were going inside or out of the camera display

Turn on the camera and press the menu button to check the settings for taking photos. The white balance may be on the wrong setting, causing inaccurate colors in photos.

Use software such as Lightroom and Photoshop to modify and correct the distortions noticed in the pictures.

The camera will take a picture but flash is not visible.

If the camera is taking pictures but no flash is seen, that means that the flash bulb has burned out and needs to be replaced.

When trying to replace the flash bulb, extra caution must be taken as it is highly dangerous to replace a flash bulb. This is because they typically use a high voltage that has been stored up across a long period of time in order to work. This job may require professional hands if you are not confident in your abilities.

This job will require dismantling the camera as well as acquiring a soldering iron. Most flash bulbs are soldered onto the motherboard of the camera.

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