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Fujifilm FinePix S1 Troubleshooting

Released January 2014, 16-Megapixel Digital Camera.

Even if you press the power button, the camera does not respond.

If the your camera won't turn on, the battery may just be dead or faulty, so just replace the battery.

Your camera may not be turning on simply because the battery was inserted backwards. Try replacing the battery.

It is possible that there is dirt built up at the battery connection site which would prevent the camera from turning on, so just clean out the battery port with a cleaning cloth.

If your camera is not turning on, the problem may be solved by replacing the motherboard.

When trying to take a photo with flash, the flash won't go off.

You may not have the camera on the proper setting to use the flash for your photo.

The flash may not be working because the bulb needs to be replaced.

When trying to take a photo, the camera won't focus the image.

If there appears to be some dirt on the lens, clean it with a cleaning cloth.

If you see any damage directly on the lens, you should replace the lens.

If the camera won't focus, you might be able to fix it by replacing the motherboard.

The LCD screen shows errors when you turn the camera on.

There may be a loose connection between the LCD screen and the motherboard. To fix this, check out our LCD connection repair guide.

The LCD screen may be showing errors because it is faulty and needs replacement. Take a look at our LCD screen replacement guide to get this bad boy back in working order.


I have a FujiFilm FinePix S1, and my flash will not come on. The screen just says that it is off even when the flash is up to go off. What do I need to do to fix this?

tasluvsu32294 - Reply

Sorry I can,t help you , but I have a problem of my own. When switching camera on , the power comes on but screen stays blank as if shutter is jammed closed. The LCD screen comes up with all the menu. On the LCD screen a digital pic of a camera and explanation mark in RED. Any ideas as the camera is only 2 years old and hardly used

David Jack - Reply

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