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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Fugoo Tough Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help to fix any problems you may have with the speaker.

Device is unresponsive ¶ 

‘’You have trouble listening to sounds, and connecting device to the speaker.’’

Restart the device ¶ 

It may be as simple as turning the device on and off. This may reset any of the issues that the device is having. Do this by holding down the action (O) button until the device has restarted.

Reset the bluetooth ¶ 

To reset the bluetooth connection on this device, hold the Bluetooth button and the action button at the same time for 10 seconds. Doing this will allow the device to reset without disconnecting from the device you are trying to connect to the Fugoo.

Contact Fugoo ¶ 

You can contact Fugoo via their website, Here, you will be able to find many solutions to the problems that you may be having with your device. If you cannot find a solution to your problem on the website, contact them directly.

Speaker not loud enough/Poor sound quality ¶ 

‘’The speaker’s sound quality is poor and or the sound of the speaker is not loud enough.’’

Check volume on the device that is paired to speaker ¶ 

Look at the device (cell phone, laptop, etc.) you have paired to the Fugoo speaker, make sure the volume is turned up on your device. It may not have to be turned all the way up, but should be at least turned up to at least 75% volume.

Check volume on the speaker itself ¶ 

After having made sure the volume on your paired device (cell phone, laptop, etc.) is turned up to at least 75% volume use the top volume buttons on the speaker to make sure that the volume on the speaker itself is turned up.

Make sure speaker is updated ¶ 

You can contact Fugoo via their website, and make sure to download the latest firmware update. Speakers running firmware 1.00.36 or later have better sound quality and volume.

Charging issues ¶ 

‘’When speaker is plugged into the wall, it will not charge.’’

Use correct charger ¶ 

Make sure that you are using the charger that Fugoo sent with the device. Other chargers may make the device charge at a much slower rate, or not at all.

Charging port ¶ 

In this scenario, it might be necessary to replace or fix the charging port. To do this, you will need a rather extensive set of tools.

Old batteries ¶ 

Your device may have batteries that are old, or not working at all. You may have to go about changing the batteries.

Power button not working ¶ 

‘’Power will not turn on when the power button is pushed.’’

Reset device ¶ 

In this case, it could be possible that your device needs to be reset. To reset the device, you will either have to hold down the action button, or allow it to die completely, and then charge it back up.

Plug into wall ¶ 

Plug your Fugoo device into the wall. This may allow the speaker to reset itself, and the firmware will be able to troubleshoot the problem for you.

Contact Fugoo ¶ 

You can contact Fugoo via their website, Here, you will be able to find many solutions to the problems that you may be having with your device. If you cannot find a solution to your problem on the website, contact them directly.

Speakers not playing sound ¶ 

‘’When speaker is connected to a device, either via auxiliary or bluetooth, it does not play any sound.’’

Reset the speaker ¶ 

Whenever the speaker is behaving in a way that seems wrong, or is not how you wish you should first reset the speaker. Resetting is done by holding the bluetooth and action (O) buttons for ten seconds. This resets the speakers processor, without clearing its pairing list. The speaker can be reset whether it’s on or off.

Replace inner speaker ¶ 

Replace the inner speakers entirely. You will have to remove the shell of the device, and open the device up to gain access to the smaller speakers within the device.

*Link to one of our guides*

Volume ¶ 

Make sure your volume is up completely on your speaker, and as well on the device that you are trying to pair with the speaker. It could really be as simple as that.


Cannot get it to pair. When I turn it on it says " Power on", "Bluetooth is off". If I push and hold the Bluetooth button for 10 sec, nothing happens. When I hold the Bluetooth and the action button for ten seconds, the light turns red for a second, and the voice says ," Bluetooth off"....::??!!?

Walt Hastings - Reply

Hey I’m having the same problem,did you ever find a solution ?

mmorgan1974 -

My unit is not pairing and unable to reset… please send us clue how to resolve the issue.

Felcon Gatab - Reply

Water accidwntaly got into it through a screw hole it is unrespocive how can i fix it

Lordvensly lubin - Reply

I’ve got a solution and not a question. For everyone with Android devices that can connect over Bluetooth no problem, but cannot get any audio to work, no music comes out etc., the issue is with the CSR bluetooth chipset and aptX. If you have Android 8.0 or newer, while you are connected to your Fugoo, you can enable Developer Options on your device (google how) and then within Developer Options change the Bluetooth codec in use from aptX to AAC. Your music will then work. This is not permanent - once you disconnect from the speaker you will be back to aptX by default next time you connect.

Also for the bug where Bluetooth disconnects after a minute or two, first try flashing the latest firmware. .53 for the smaller Fugoos. On both small and XLs, if firmware doesnt work then you have to turn Power Save off (press Power and the - button simultaneously) in order for it to maintain connection.

Paul E - Reply

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